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At some point, Sontag became a member of the Marauders, a team of superhuman assassins brought together by the mutant thief Gambit when he was in the employ of the enigmatic Mister Sinister.

Confident they could have killed the heroes if their reinforcements hadn't arrived, Scalphunter grabbed Scrambler and leveled the ceiling to create an escape route. Realizing she had been used, Chimera tried to convince the Marauders they were also being controlled. During her travel the Morlock had met and befriended Hellfire Club agent Richard Salmons. Pick up the latest Marvel Select figures from Diamond Select Toys! Due to Sinister cloning the Marauders multiple times, it is hard to determine if the 'original' Arclight has been present in all of them.

(Uncanny X-Men I#350 (fb) / X-Men Origins: Gambit) - Mr. Sinister hired Gambit to assemble a group of mercenaries to break into an impenetrable community, in exchange for this Sinister had performed an operation on the mutant so he could control his abilities again. By the time Malice woke up, she was surrounded by the X-Men and San Francisco police, led by lieutenant Sabrina Morrel. Tattletale (Franklin Richards) distracted Arclight long enough for Molecula (Julie Powers) to attack Arclight who in turn swatted her like a fly against the wall. (X-Men II#203 - BTS) - Through the use of Cerebro, Sinister learned the Destiny Diaries were located somewhere in an old industrial park in Flint, Michigan Sinister sent his Marauders to retrieve the books.      formerly Muir Island; (X-Men Origins: Gambit) - Sometime later Mr. Sinister presented the assembled team of Marauders (minus Prism and Blockbuster) to Gambit. 258,981 Pages. Meanwhile Captain America and Paladin were freed by Black Mamba and Asp who didn't agree with Superia's plan and suspected one of the Femizons had assaulted their friend Diamondback. Despite their frustrations, most of the mutants in the camp agreed to the implants as did Arclight.

(X-Man I#20 - BTS) - Abomination defeated Scalphunter and Arclight, taking Threnody back to his tunnel. Having fought Vertigo before, Spider-Man quickly shot webbing in her face to stop her from focusing her powers. In his report, he analyzed the Marauders and stated that each and every single one of them were "butchers" that had to be found and apprehended before they could kill again.      formerly The Alley, Morlock Tunnels beneath New York City; Harpoon successfully hit Salmons in the back with one of his spears, paralyzing the Hellfire agent. [5], During Messiah CompleX in the final battle on Muir Isle, she is injured by Wolfsbane who bites her in the neck. (X-Men II#200 (fb) - BTS) - When the X-Men were staying at Mystique's house in Caldecott County, Mississippi, the Marauders gathered nearby. Arclight est une super-vilaine mutante appartenant à l'Univers Marvel de la maison d'édition Marvel Comics.Créé par Chris Claremont, le personnage de fiction apparaît pour la première fois dans le comic book Uncanny X-Men #210 d'octobre 1986. Pages dans la catégorie « Super-vilain Marvel » Cette catégorie contient 340 pages, dont 200 sont affichées ci-dessous.
(Uncanny X-Men I#219 (fb) - BTS) - Possibly inspired by Malice's fight against the X-Men, Mr. Sinister decided to have her seek out and possess former X-Man Polaris.

She was one of the few mutants that kept their powers. Months later John Walker was contacted by the Commission on Superhuman Activities and was then chosen to replace Captain America. Using the relatively small space to their advantage, the X-Men caused the Marauders to trip all over themselves, accidentally hitting teammates left and right. Uncanny X-Men I#221 (September, 1987) - Chris Claremont (writer), Marc Silvestri (pencils), Dan Green (inks), Ann Nocenti, Terry Kavanagh (editors) The zealous Exodus agreed and gathered several mutants to join Sinister's Marauders, including Frenzy, Random, Tempo and Unuscione. During their first mission, Arclight kills dozens of underground-dwelling mutants known as Morlocks. (Astonishing X-Men III#50 (fb) - BTS) - Wanting to rid herself of the evidence Hatchi once again took possession of the Marauders and had them kill each other. Her relationship with teammate Scalphunter has also made her second-in-command. Following M-Day, Arclight became one of the so-called 198, one of the few remaining mutants retaining their powers, and a refugee at the X-Mansion. Uncanny X-Men I#211 (November, 1986) - Chris Claremont (writer), John Romita Jr., Brett Blevins (pencilers), Al Williamson (inks), Ann Nocenti (editor) Marvel Database .

Arclight accepted the offer under unrevealed circumstances and joined Superia and several other female villains aboard the luxury cruiseliner, the S.S. Superia, which was en route to Superia Island. New X-Men II#46 (March, 2008) - Craig Kyle, Chris Yost (writers), Humbertos Ramos (pencils), Carlos Cuevas, Dave Meikis (inkers), Nick Lowe (editor) agents who managed to capture several individuals including Battlestar, Solo, and Typeface. (Captain America I#391) - Arclight was present amongst dozens of super-powered criminals when Superia welcomed them to Femizonia. Cannonball came crashing through the floorboards, grabbing Riptide and dumping him on the second group of Marauders.

To keep closer tabs on the 198, they planned to implant all the mutants with a tag, claiming it was for their own safety and mandatory if they wanted to leave the premises for brief tours into the city. While holding a gun to his head Scalphunter replied they were welcome to try as they would receive the same treatment after which he killed the agent. Seconds later, both Beast and Wolverine picked up the Marauders' scents and quickly ordered Iceman to "ice up". Arclight is a mutant that appeared in the X-Men franchise.

Realizing they were too strong Arclight brought down the ceiling, blocking the tunnel.

Once the heroes had fallen through the floor, they discovered Sinister's old lab where grotesque-looking clones of the original X-Men lay dead in test tubes. Philippa Sontag Alias

Encountering the assassins, the highly experienced heroes wasted no time and attacked Arclight and Harpoon. [6] She is seen later being defeated by Rockslide.[7]. It was during this time the Marauders made their presence known, Salmons did his best to protect Tommy and the two managed to flee. Us-Amerikanisch
While Sinister openly wondered whether he should tear one of the Marauders's heart out to show just how displeased he was, an insulted Sabretooth lunged for his throat. There, the group was confronted by the X-Men, who hoped to retrieve them in piece. However, Erg was then mind-controlled by fellow mutant Johnny Dee, who forced him to attack Cyclops. Civil War: X-Men I#4 (December, 2006) - David Hine (writer), Yanick Paquette (pencils), Serge LaPointe (inks), Mike Marts (editor) The X-Men failed to stop them which led to the escape of Arclight and other 198 members alongside Domino and Shatterstar in a cloaked aircraft. (Astonishing X-Men III#50) - Just as the X-Men arrived at Red Hook searching for the Marauders they saw their corpses.

Dressed as ambulance personnel Arclight and Scalphunter were on hand at San Francisco's International Airport where Madelyne Pryor crash landed the cargo. Arclight, dont le vrai nom est Philippa Sontag, est un personnage bandes dessinées créé par Louise Simonson (textes) et Walter Simonson (Dessins), publié par la Marvel Comics.Sa première apparition était complète X-Factor n. 10 (novembre 1986), Au lieu de son apparition dans l'ombre, il se produit dans Le Uncanny X-Men (Vol. Recently Lemar joined Solo and Typeface to form an underground opposition to the Civil War|Superhuman Registration Act. Though the details of her recruitment by Mr. Sinister to the Marauders remain unrevealed, she has participated in all of the group's major operations. The X-Men continued their assault by destroying several huge water towers, dousing the first group of Marauders so Iceman could flash freeze them in place. Arclight then attacked Threnody, reasoning she shouldn't have left her lovely X-Man behind.

She also formed iron chains from the debris to briefly hold the villain before he freed himself with his claws. Scalphunter was ready to shoot Storm, Dazzler and Rogue, but Wolverine chopped his arm off. Prism used his abilities to light up the dark tunnels, leading the Marauders towards their prey unaware Grey and Threnody prepared a trap for the villains. The Marauders planned to return to Sinister taking Rogue along, since she carried the content of Destiny's diaries in her mind. *Achtung: Manche der oben angegebenen Links sind Affiliate-Links. Lamar Hoskins was once a wrestler who was given superhuman strength by the Power Broker. Moments later, the Marauders successfully defeated the remaining X-Men. (Uncanny X-Men I#219) - Unaware of the real situation, the three Marauders struck when Lorna returned home. Arclight, Arc Light or arc light may also refer to: Arts and entertainment Characters. Scalphunter told the cajun he'd done what he was hired to do.

Her signature move is the B-52 punch, which causes a massive seismic shockwave that can shatter buildings. (Uncanny X-Men I#350 (fb) / X-Men Origins: Gambit) - Gambit, still not fully realizing what the Marauders were about to do, led them into the Morlock Tunnels. 'Fantastic Four' #29 ties into the symbiote event -- but which of Marvel's First Family is in trouble? They were unaware Cannonball and Iceman were well aware of their presence and had planned to face them head on. X-Men II#207 (March, 2008) - Mike Carey (writer), Chris Bachalo (pencils), Tim Townsend, Victor Olazaba, Jon Sibal, Al Vey (inkers), Nick Lowe, Will Panzo, Axel Alonso (editor) This infuriated Johnny Dee, who was working with General Lazer. When Gambit assembled the Marauders for Mr. Sinister, he located Arclight in a jungle where she was part of a military operation, possibly even the US marines. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (Magneto III#19 - BTS) - The Marauders were seen helping people in the streets of New York City while Magneto and Polaris fought an army of Nimrod Sentinels who'd swooped down from Earth-1610. Astonishing X-Men III#49, p7, pan1 (under the influence of Susan Hatchi) Powers/Abilities: Arclight can generate seismic energy, emanating as shockwaves from her hands and feet.

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