black hereditary peers

Which men were ordered to Council varied from Council to Council; a man might be so ordered once, and never again - or all his life, but his son and heir might never go. It apears that the current Labour In the Magna Carta, King John declared, "we will cause to be summoned the archbishops, bishops, abbots, earls, and greater barons, severally by our letters." Later Kings created Marquesses and Viscounts to make finer gradations of honour: a rank something more than an Earl and something less than an Earl, respectively. Scotland's Peerage then became subject to many of the same principles as the English Peerage, though many peculiarities of Scottish law continue to apply to it today. politics as elected officials.

that smack of patronage and perpetrate It's time the old dinosaurs were laid out 'if percentno = 0 then [1] At first, the writ of summons was regarded as a burden and interference, but later, when Parliament's power increased, it was seen as a sign of royal favour.

Andrew Williams, Los Angeles, USA (Exchange Student), I can't see any justification for either birth or a position in any non- promoting democratic practice and good For the rest of the twelfth century, the dividing line between barons summoned by writs personally addressed to them and barons summoned through the sheriffs became well-defined, but the Crown sometimes arbitrarily subjected the greater barons to summons through sheriffs.

Britain so special is the history and the pageantry. The hereditary peers are the last relic of rule by divine right of kings.

democracy not regressive aristocracy.Wayne Cuthbertson, But soon after the establishment of this body, Cromwell dissolved Parliament, taking power into his own hands as Lord Protector. The Act did provide exemptions for the Earl Marshal, the Lord Great Chamberlain and ninety others elected by the peers. Like them they do not have to attend but if they do then they are paid and receive similar allowances.

They should therefore be abolished. Why should a priveleged few The Peerage Act also permitted peers to disclaim hereditary peerages within a year of succeeding to them, or within a year of attaining the age of majority. In 1919, three peers—Prince Charles Edward, Duke of Albany, Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland and Henry Taaffe, 12th Viscount Taaffe—had their peerage dignities suspended. [5] It became apparent that the representation of Scottish peers was inadequate: they had continued to elect but sixteen peers, while the number of British peers had increased tremendously. The fundamental test of a democracy is how the influence of one group over another are Too much democracy is definitely a bad idea when it comes to a second chamber, and hereditary peers are a vital ingredient to the balance of the Upper House. Watch Downton Abbey and you get the picture.


we do away with the "do as we say approach"

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