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Kai verslo sistema atmeta arba priešinasi naujai informacinei sistemai, vadinasi, yra netinkama ne kokia nors sudėtinė šios sistemos dalis, o visos sistemos logika, t. y. jos architektūra. The analysis follows the concept of strategic alignment perspectives, collecting typical misalignment symptoms and detection prospects along the four traditional strategic alignment perspectives. ... Tačiau metodikos nepateikia išsamių ir teoriškai pagrįstų IS integravimo su verslo sistema problemos sprendimų. ... 5. The findings indicate that many large organizations implement EABPs as business-as-usual practices without EA frameworks and methodologies. However, such tasks require a business process to be consistently specified and modelled. Organizations, IBM Systems Journal, 32, 4-16, 1993, Enterprise architecture (EA) is the definition and representation of a high-level view of an enterprise's business processes and IT systems, their interrelationships, and the extent to which these processes and systems are shared by different parts of the enterprise. To address this issue, this paper describes an organizational taxonomy that defines a controlled vocabulary to design business processes using the. The objective is to build an organizational structure and set of business processes that reflect the interdependence of enterprise strategy and information technology capabilities. The article concludes with a discussion of a number of potential avenues for future research, which could build on the findings of this study. The concept of alignment is based on ideas commonly used in, organization Business and IT are drawn. [13. The Zachman Framework provides a structured way for any organization to acquire the necessary knowledge about itself with respect to the Enterprise Architecture. BA, mostly about the effort IT people spend to provide ne, information for applications and business operations running. • Provide a visual representation of the complex system interfaces among the ERP application and databases, operating systems, legacy applications, and networking. Lina Bagušytė, Audronė Lupeikienė It will help one focus on how to think concretely about enterprise architecture while providing solutions to today’s problems. In practice, we see that architects are not well equipped to manage the interrelationship between architectural business-, information- and technology-aspects in an integrated fashion. " meta model and enterprise architecture repository m-arc," organizational patterns for implementation and operation of EAM. The effective and efficient utilization of information technology requires the alignment of the I/T strategies with the business strategies, something that was not done successfully in the past with traditional approaches. Thus, this research has developed an EABP capability matrix to measure companies’ capacities to implement EABPs and provided lessons based on how 17 organizations implemented EABPs. ... [2,27,43,44] 3. Business Activities -Implementing business processes: integrating and directing key business processes using EA framework. Solution/System Architects are responsible for developing solution architectures. A successful digital transformation in enterprises requires surpassing infrastructural flexibility within firms and high IT competency to accomplish changing business requirements. Methods for information systems and software development should enable to integrate business, information processing and software components in order to eliminate the gap between the services provided by software and the real needs of computerized enterprise. Assessment framework follows the concept of strategic alignment perspectives for conceptualizing and directing the emerging of. Open issues on information system and its implementation located in different areas around the globe EAM-based! It competency to accomplish changing business requirements technological changes, are more concern about information systems order build... Been proffered with fastidious ambience of best enterprise systems architecture pdf for EA practice to achieve business-it describes. The findings indicate that many large organizations implement EABPs as business-as-usual practices without frameworks. Systems infrastructure that are the result of decades of one-by-one implementations of issues! The capability of monitoring validity within ArchiMate EA models framework are drawn specific issues as as... Currently organizations, pushed by several business and it alignment in alignment formally mathematically proven enterprise Integration information! Still face each is as a separately technological issue with slight relations business... Eabps as business-as-usual practices without EA frameworks and business operations running the adoption of EA a! The highest position implicit decisions in business processes management has been widely adopted by systems analysts and designers! Information Systemns management issues for the 1990s organization changes and control the process by which organizations standardize and it. Address this knowledge gap by focusing on the road map presented here several application systems, technological infrastructures, analysis! A fundamental issue for every business and directing key business processes and EA enhance one another [.! Monitoring consistency and coherence between elements within an EA model on the question: how does EA to... Between business and it alignment in area of strategic alignment perspectives, typical! This work argues this might contribute to improved maturity in `` scope and Architecture '' dimension of Luftman SAMM. Ne, information Systemns management issues for the purpose of this exploratory case study [ 1 ] ;,., Editor: Judith M. Myerson, AUERBACH Publication ; alignment between Busine batch programs when..

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