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[16] In addition, members have conducted speaking tours throughout Israel, Western Europe, and the United States. [30] In 2014, the NGO received the majority of its funding from foreign governments. Sharansky, a former "Prisoner of Zion" who spent nine years in a Soviet jail, was particularly critical of the organization for taking its grievances abroad. Of course not. Netanyahu strongly criticised BtS in a speech to the Knesset in early 2015, and late in the year, the Education Minister proposed a bill blocking its speakers from state schools. While attacking Breaking the Silence, he also voiced criticism of a controversial new bill that would, 1948-2020: The Contradictions of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, The Contradictions of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, regulate organizations just like it that receive funding from foreign governments. [1], Members of battalion 50 were assigned to serve in the city of Hebron, which is important to all the Abrahamic religions. This issue was brought up again during December 2016 debate over a proposed Knesset bill to ban groups from state schools that "work to damage" the IDF. [71], A month later, Reservists on Duty released a video in which some former members of Issacharoff's platoon said the incident did not take place and said he had lied. It is intended to give serving and discharged Israeli personnel and reservists a means to confidentially recount their experiences in the Occupied Territories. Following their service, three reservists collected photographs and made a videotape of testimonies by other IDF soldiers who had also served in Hebron, to show what occurred in encounters between Palestinian civilians and the military. This set of 10 lesson plans were developed by NAMI Queens/Nassau, we are now offering it for free. He said that "many of the stories they published turned out to be true", and that they are holding on to "very sexy testimonies" and not publishing them because they have not yet been able to "fully verify them. [78], In 2012, Martin Indyk, former U.S.

Its investigation found no corroborating evidence for such charges and it closed the inquiry. If you leave a voice mail message we will call you right back, stay safe and healthy. But this does not mean that the documented evidence, some of which was videotaped, is fabricated. Directed by Jun-Soo Park. But IDF veterans' accounts at this post-operation discussion confirmed at least some of those allegations.

"[40], In his 2014 book Jewish State, Pariah Nation, American journalist Jerold Auerbach, who has been described as a proponent of right-wing Zionism, reported that some former soldiers expressed antipathy to the Jewish settlers in the West Bank.[41]. [31], Other Israelis and Palestinians have also been concerned about the conduct of Israeli soldiers in the Occupied Territories. Addressing the Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs, Sharansky said that the group, which collects testimonies about human rights violations from combat soldiers who have served in the occupied territories, “is not a human rights organization but a BDS organization.”. [34], Journalist Amos Harel wrote "while there is no definite way of vouching for the credibility of their reports, it is safe to say that [the testifiers] did fight in Gaza and that they provided enough authentic detail to prove that they are not imposters. [37][38] BtS wants the Israeli public to witness the realities in the Occupied Territories. Breaking the Silence maintains that it does bring its complaints to Israeli authorities but these are largely ignored, and for that reason it has no choice but to air its grievances outside the country. Lesson Plans with, stories, games, and posters, put a human face on mental illness and confront the myths that reinforce the silence. "[67], In response, ten Israeli-based human rights organizations published a petition ("Do not silence 'Breaking the Silence") against what they described as the "aggressive repression of the organization by the Foreign Ministry of Israel and other governmental agents;" they opposed the government's attempt to interfere with the group's funding. She demonstrated that the organization has established its credibility.

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