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Serve with tortilla chips, or extra topping on the side (ideas are included in the recipe). Get easy-to-follow, delicious recipes delivered right to your inbox. I’m pinning some of these for weekend brunches! Not only is this wine-based cocktail delicious to drink, it's also incredibly easy to make in large quantities. Deviled eggs might seem like a bit old fashioned and boring when it comes to the vast amount of potluck ideas out there, but I do think that they get a bad rap when it comes down to it. I’m bookmarking this. While this may seem like a simple little dessert, don’t be fooled; with their delicate and light taste combined with the sweet and fresh taste of berries, your friends will be begging for more once they’re all gone. These just taste good and have that warm spice we crave around the holidays and a creamy crunch that we love from those pine nuts. Healthy chocolate squares to satisfy your chocolate cravings with real magnesium rich cacao! A crustless quiche with major holiday ingredients, this dish will do the trick at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We’ve already given you an omelette idea, so why not continue the eggy theme? That same year, she shared her advice both as a guest and as a host with us. A healthy and filling start which will give you energy for the whole day. Get our Smoked Salmon and Bagel Breakfast Casserole recipe. A ham is good, because it can be served warm or cold. Sweet molten filling oozes from within the cream-cheese pastry of this Jewish classic during Hanukkah. Perfect for breakfast or brunch. Wow these all look so good!! Let’s be real here, who doesn’t love a good French toast with their brunch? I mean that hot chocolate is absolutely and wholeheartedly underrated when it comes to drinks that you can have for brunch. A good blueberry muffin is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s day, especially if they are made fresh in your home and brought along with you so that they’re still fresh and warm. Oh, and it tastes awesome. Use that arugula or spinach to make this salad in which pecans are coated in apple pie spice and the apples are Granny Smith. 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The beauty of making pancakes is that your guests can then customise them to their liking. Easy to make in about 20 minutes, with a homemade creamy dressing that's so delicious and easy to whip up, it makes a wonderful potluck party salad any time of the year. Seen as both a breakfast and lunch staple in many places, especially New York, bagels and lox is undoubtedly a king amongst brunch potluck ideas to bring with you as you embark on a culinary journey through tastiness. And this is basically a bagel turned into a casserole—that is, if your bagel is an everything bagel and it’s topped with cream cheese, the aforementioned salmon, capers, and red onion. Berry Parfait. Lucky you! The dish is just as good reheated or at room temperature as it is piping hot, making it great for a buffet. Take a look inside the master bedroom, Happy Easter! Her are our top recommendations for pre-made dishes which you can bring along. You can simply take the baking tray and divide them up when you arrive. 1. Just don’t forget the cream cheese and other such toppings when you pack everything together. It’s a nice way to elevate it, and you can get it on Amazon, Donnelly notes. They add a touch of sweetness to this savory and hearty quiche! What a great roundup of deliciousness! As my friend as said, “Either you have a potato allergy, or you have no soul” when discussing our options of potluck ideas. With just four ingredients, it's a great recipe to have on-hand when you get a last-minute potluck party invitation. Thanks, Brandi! Quiche, we love you-but these individual egg tarts from Sister Pie in Detroit may be our new favorite way to eat piecrust for breakfast. There are two sides to every potluck, and Kristin Donnelly has played both of them. The last of our potluck ideas ends with the Strawberry crepe. Add to this our suggested fillings or ham and mushroom, and you will create a healthy and proteinous meal that is guaranteed to work perfectly with what other guests bring along. See more ideas about Brunch, Brunch recipes, Breakfast brunch. All Rights Reserved. Air fryer chicken wings are perfectly crisp without the hassle and calories of deep-frying. For many people, sending an electronic invite via email or through an app is the easiest way to invite their guests. Gluten Free & Vegetarian! Resembling a stir fry, this is the perfect cooked morning dish for your Potluck Brunch. Just cook the eggs, mix the yolks with the simple ingredients, then stuff the yolk mixture back into the egg halves for instant appetizer happiness. Here's a fast and simple spicy cheese dip (chili con queso) that will make a great contribution to your next potluck party. With soft cooked noodles, melted cheddar cheese, tender broccoli, tasty seasonings, and a fancy slivered almond topping, this potluck casserole dish is sure to be a group favorite at your next gathering. With a bit of granola or biscuit crumble intermixed with vanilla or berry yogurt, all tied together with the tart and satisfying taste of fresh berries.

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