carnage vs venom

They've faced off against each other many times in the comics, and strictly going by facts Carnage is stronger, and can lift heavier weights. NEXT: 5 Reasons Tom Holland's Spider-Man Should Meet Tom Hardy's Venom (& 5 Why He Shouldn't).

i like both but i gotta go with the best VENOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The word of ComicVine are:''When he arrived he tracked Carnage to a park but was easily beaten''. They all goy small abillity of their own but mainly their the same and that's why I say the wacko Carnage is the most dangerous of them all. Tough choice, but Venom and Carnage will form an alliance and than they'll kill toxin, Venom will kill Carnage. Collected edition

I may be wrong but sidey is too good for a deadly fight and Venom is a good matchup for Carnage.

I forget. Thus, they share some common weaknesses along with all other symbiotes.

Venom never gives up, and will never stop fighting, you have to render him unconcious, or kill him to stop him. Carnage, actually sits there and begs (as seen in Maximum Carnage), excatly thank u my knowledge is again right, It's no big deal DC, just because Carnage is stronger than old Venom doesn't mean he can't beat new Venom, and even the old won't give up. A great deal of the history of the symbiotes has been revealed in the Venom comics. Sep 26, 2020 - Explore mbrian G's board "Venom vs Carnage", followed by 350 people on Pinterest. Another aspect that gives Carnage an edge is his insanity and lack of moral boundaries. This similarity between Carnage and Venom is directly tied to the fact that despite the differences in their personality, at the end of the day they are still part of the same species. Venom's will alone out does Carnage by 100%, Nice pic. he is a pussy and a wuss his host was a wuss and well he needed children to kick peters ass, Venom did it himself by himself much more than Carnage did, DC, I agree with you to an extent not known to man.

And although Venom has grown as a character in recent years, in their most primal form they've always been a core Spider-Man villain. It has been told in the comics that through evolution some of the newer symbiotes have grown resistant to these weaknesses, but even then they're not completely invulnerable.

It features the first appearance of the Toxin symbiote. As the Venom symbiote was originally used by Peter Parker as an alternative Spider suit, even after they separated Venom still held a connection with Spider-Man, which can be seen by the slight similarity in their appearance. Both of them make use of self-created webs or tendrils to get around. Wich could cause more damage?

Venom. Only for Toxin but that's gone now too. The similarity in the appearance of Venom and Carnage isn't only due to the fact that they are of the same species.

You might find this slightly surprising, but the clash of Carnage and Wade Wilson isn't as great as it sounds. The original host of Carnage, Cletus Kasady is a psychopathic murderer and Carnages nature is not too different. Meanwhile, Venom vs. Carnage involves the latter eponymous symbiote attempting to murder his unborn offspring that asexually bonds with a policeman.These attempts begin with Carnage battling Venom in an area engulfed in flames (most likely due to their fighting), throwing the cop's pregnant wife down a flight of stairs (who Spider-Man saves), and getting run over by a subway train.

Carnage is just to quote Venom, "an infant with an inferior symbiote". Also, Carnage has more control over the fluidity and flexibility of the physical composition of its body, which allows Carnage to be more creative when it comes to forming weapons with its own body. Submit it to us here! RELATED: 12 Things You Didn't Know About Marvel's Carnage. He's kicked the ever living SHIT outta him everytime they fight. well since i hate Carnage with passion defintate VEnom. But the epic killing may only be a precursor to an even bigger, even more horrifying battle on the way.. Carnage is crazy, which helps him fight: he can think of things the others wouldn't. It is about time fans got a film featuring the three of them together, and they may get their wish soon. RELATED: Spider-Man VS Venom: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Marvel Fans Will Understand. Venom vs. Carnage is a comic book limited series written by Peter Milligan with art by Clayton Crain published by Marvel Comics. Didn't these two already square off against one another with Venom punking his symbotic brother? Both Carnage and Venom have been a big part of Spider-Man's chronicles in the comics and the three of them share an extensive history.

Venom is part of a species called The Klyntar, a race of extraterrestrial symbiotes created by the God of symbiotes, Knull.

10 Most Hilarious Nightwing Memes Of All Time, Spider-Man: 5 Similarities Between Carnage & Venom (& 5 Ways They're Very Different), Venom: 5 Marvel Heroes Who Respect Him (& 5 Who Despise Him), Venom and Carnage are much more stronger than Spidey, 12 Things You Didn't Know About Marvel's Carnage, 10 Things You Never Knew Venom's Costume Could Do, Venom has grown as a character in recent years, 17 Marvel Characters You Didn't Know Were Carnage, A great deal of the history of the symbiotes, Spider-Man VS Venom: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Marvel Fans Will Understand, many heroic things throughout his history, common weaknesses along with all other symbiotes, 5 Reasons Tom Holland's Spider-Man Should Meet Tom Hardy's Venom (& 5 Why He Shouldn't), Spider-Man: 10 Little-Known Facts About Olivia "Liv" Octavius, Harry Potter: 10 Things Only Book Fans Know About Barty Crouch Jr, MCU: 5 Ways Marvel Can Improve Phase 5 Movies (& 5 Things They Should Avoid), Silk: 10 Comic Book Characters We Want To See In Her Rumored TV Show. 8 Worst: Deadpool vs Carnage.

Spider-Man is the common factor present between Venom and Carnage. The Mandalorian: Which Avatar Element Would Each Main Character Bend? Venom mimics Spider-Man's powers and appearance due to their time together, and this feature was also passed on to Carnage as well. Carnage is simply a direct descendent of Venom, but Cletus Kasady has a far deeper relationship with the symbiotes.t, RELATED: 17 Marvel Characters You Didn't Know Were Carnage. While we did get a Venom vs. Carnage miniseries that mainly acted as a launch pad for the Carnage symbiote’s spawn Toxin (it didn’t take), Carnage was soon taken off the board. Venom kills an innocent by accident, (you can't blame him though considering the circumstances). 2018's Venom, might not have been received well by critics, but the box-office performance speaks a different story. RELATED: Venom: 5 Marvel Heroes Who Respect Him (& 5 Who Despise Him). Countless centuries ago, the symbiotes were created by the evil deity Knull and used to take over planets and annihilate entire civilizations. Venom amplifies the strength of its host by more than ten times, and it's not held back by any physical human confinements. But it wasn't half bad. Venom and Brock are more rational-minded, making them smarter. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. carnage can beat up venom any time any where right! Make Offer - Venom vs Carnage #3 (2004) CGC 9.8 Clayton Crain art Toxin VENOM VS CARNAGE #1 1st PATRICK MULLIGAN (TOXIN) CGC 9.8Spider Man️ 3 7 9 $249.95 Although his power levels vary from time to time in the comics, he can easily lift more than 20 tons if not more. Venom is a little too head down type of fighter.... Toxin I know less but I still like the matchup between them all, wacko equals, unknow tactics or how they will respond, that what makes him dangerous, BUT, that same wakco plays a weakness to him....that why he got beat down like he did. Vemon destoyed carnage far more worst than he did to him, and even more vemon had to be hold back, and still scared the carnage. Venom also mimicks Spider-Mans powers, such as shooting web. The newer symbiote owned by Mac Gargan is super human class 60. Carnage and its host together are a very unstable entity, and although the two of them share a stronger bond, Venom and Brock have worked together as a team many times to resolve difficult situations.

vemon kick the crap out of carnage and in his iwn title called (maxaium carnage), maybe the should have named it maxaium A$$ the way carnage gets his butt handed to him by vemon.... but sigh the comics now screw us, eddie has cancer "get real", the tartula son now had the suit(i dont remember his name) but he should have kept it, he was the best made beside eddie to wear it(ps the suit drop him to his doom). It is Eddie Brock and Venom's mutual hatred against Spider-Man/Peter Parker which initially forms a bond between them. But the real decisive part of the fight would be which Version of the Eddie Brock Venom. It wasn't half bad, It's Venom: Carnage Unleashed. But Venom has done many heroic things throughout his history as well, alongside some occasional villainous acts. It features the first appearance of the Toxin symbiote. Most symbiotes have are vulnerable against intense sonic vibrations and heat, and this weakness unintentionally originated when they were being forged by Knull.

Carnage was once serial killer Cletus Kasady, and became Carnage after merging with the offspring of the alien symbiote called Venom during a prison breakout. But Venom has done many heroic things throughout his history as well, alongside some occasional villainous acts. Although ScreenRant is his first time writing for a professional medium, he is hopeful that the time and effort he invests here will prove to be beneficial for all the parties involved, the readers and he himself. Always having had a natural knack for internet gossip and news, Mahir now spends his time better by sharing his skills and knowledge with a wider audience. Carnage is, or was class 50, oooooh well without the love and the toxin my moneys on venom even tho theres a little carnage in everybody, True, but Venom just hates now. But over the years he has gone through many changes and although he isn't exactly a good guy now, he cannot be considered a straight-up villain either. I'm sure your right, Eddie Brock as Venom, beat Cassidy as Carnage. Peter Parker has always been the most popular Venom host, and for some time it was assumed that he was also the first until in recent storylines where it has been revealed that many characters have bonded with the symbiote in the past such as Deadpool. While Carnage might be more powerful in terms of raw strength and its insane psychotic nature might make him more dangerous, this doesn't always ensure victory for him. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. RELATED: 10 Things You Never Knew Venom's Costume Could Do. The writing might have been weak, but it was liked by fans worldwide.

[1], Spider-Man Family/The Amazing Spider-Man Family, Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do, "The Gathering of Five" and "The Final Chapter",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 5 August 2019, at 00:13.

Carnage is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, usually depicted as an enemy of Spider-Man and Venom.The character first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #361 (Apr 1992), and was created by writer David Michelinie and artist Mark Bagley, although the first published artwork of Carnage was penciled by Chris Marrinan. It's a story that any Spider-Man, Venom, or Carnage fan will love and one that jumps into action right from the start. Here are 5 similarities between the two symbiotes, and 5 differences.

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