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$(".order_table").css("background", "#f5f1fc"); View your case history and upcoming case activities, . ch = retValue.substring(retValue.length-1, retValue.length); $(".FIR_details_table").css("background", "#3D3A3A"); document.getElementById('txtmsg').focus(); Year Default year is 1980. return str; { document.getElementById('showList').innerHTML=""; document.getElementById('txtmsg').value=val; retValue.substring(retValue.indexOf(" ")+1, retValue.length); Case Status : Search by Case Number How to 1. document.getElementById('txtmsg').value=val; function funConnError() document.getElementById('txtmsg').value=val; The information on this site does not constitute advice and should not be relied upon in making (or refraining from making) any decision. document.getElementById("txtmsg").title =val; $(".case_details_table").css("background", "#f9fdf1"); { retValue = retValue.substring(1, retValue.length); document.getElementById('errSpan').style.display=""; document.getElementById('txtmsg').focus(); } document.getElementById('errSpan').style.display=""; var val='THERE IS AN ERROR'; $(".title").css("color", "#4B8BCD"); Check the status of multiple cases and inquiries that you may have submitted to USCIS View case status online using your receipt number, which can be found on notices that you may have received from USCIS.
Select the Case Type from the select box. $(".Lower_court_table").css("background", "#fdf7f4"); Case Type. {

document.getElementById('txtmsg').value=val; document.getElementById('showList').style.display='none'; } document.getElementById('showList').innerHTML=""; var len = str.length; document.getElementById("txtmsg").title =val; { Case Status : Search by Party Name. $(".Acts_table").css("background", "#3D3A3A"); } document.getElementById('showList').style.display='none'; {

In the Case Number box, enter the Case Registration Number. } 4. Individual Diary No. In case of any omission or discrepancy, information in the original records will be final and binding. $(".Respondent_Advocate_table").css("background", "#f5f1fc"); } $("a:hover").css("color", "white"); function funUsrError() $(".case_details_table").css("border-bottom", "1px solid #fff"); Also, sign up for Case Status Online to: . CASE STATUS * Search By: Applicant Name: Respondent Name: NOTE : Please Enter Valid Case Search Parameters. $("body").css("color", "black");

function funUsrErrorParam(input) $(".Petitioner_Advocate_table").css("background", "#f3fafe");

str=str.replace(/&|/g,''); Page rendered in 0.0495 seconds. { $(".Acts_table").css("border", "1px solid #000");

document.getElementById("txtmsg").title =val; document.getElementById('errSpan').style.display=""; { if(str.charAt(i) == ".") while (retValue.indexOf(" ") != -1) $(".order_table").css("background", "#3D3A3A"); 2. $(".Petitioner_Advocate_table").css("background", "#3D3A3A"); var val='CONNECTION FAILED';
DRT/DRAT Case Status Report. $("tr").css("background", "#3D3A3A"); var ch = retValue.substring(0, 1); retValue = retValue.substring(0, retValue.indexOf(" ")) + while (ch == " ") Enter the Captcha (the 5 alphanumeric characters shown on the screen) in the text box provided. } $(".title").css("color", "white"); function funServerSideValidateErr() Wise. } ch = retValue.substring(0, 1); Case Status - Lucknow Bench. Case Status : Search by Petitioners/Respondents Name. 5. function trim(inputString) {  In the Year box, enter the Case Registration Year. $("table.bordered th").css("color", "#000"); document.getElementById('txtmsg').focus(); if (typeof inputString != "string") { return inputString; }

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