cuba religion santeria

It is believed that access to the orishas can be achieved through various types of divination.

The babalawo then interprets the message of the nuts depending on how they have fallen; there are 256 possible configurations in the Ifá system, which the babalawo is expected to have memorised. [97], Practitioners argue that each person is "born to" a particular oricha, whether or not they decide to devote themselves to that deity. While in Cuba, you may be able to witness private Santería ceremonies. A common syncretic religion is Santería, which combined the Yoruba religion of the African slaves with Catholicism and some Native American strands; it shows similarities to Brazilian Umbanda and has been receiving a degree of official support. [36] An initiate may also be called an oloricha ("one who belongs to the oricha").


[375] Enslaved Africans first arrived on Cuba in 1511.

The neighboring town of Guanabacoa is also an important center for Santería.

[407] This administration espoused an expressly anti-racist position while retaining previous governments' focus on cultural integration rather than stressing and encouraging cultural difference among Cuba's ethnic groups.
[393] Afro-Cuban religious practices were often referred to as brujería ('witchcraft') and linked to criminality in the popular imagination. Followers are required to stay inside at night for an entire year and only dress in white. The combining of concepts and terminology from different religions – in this case, from Catholicism and the Lucumí religion – is called religious syncretism.

[58] Many Yoruba brought to Cuba were members of the priestly class and brought with them knowledge of traditions such as Ifá. [66] The initiate's head usually receives most attention in this washing;[247] often, their hair will be shaved off. [390], After slavery was abolished in Cuba there was a renewed push for independence from the Spanish Empire, an idea promoted by Cuban nationalists who emphasized cultural assimilation of the island's various ethnic groups to create a united sense of 'Cuban-ness'. In Cuban Santeria, Ochún syncretizes with the Virgin of Charity of Copper, the Patroness of Cuba in the Catholic religion. 10 Dec. 2016. [301], During the possession, the possessed individual is referred to as the "horse", with the oricha having "mounted" them.

[217], Santería's animal sacrifice has been a cause of concern for many non-practitioners,[219] and has brought adherents into confrontation with the law. [340] During the session, an image of the overseeing oricha is often brought out and offerings of food placed before it.

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