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Climate stressors are explicitly considered in order to design actions that reduce vulnerability and support climate-resilient … Home » ASCE Publishes Manual on Designing Climate-Resilient Infrastructure. The Queensland Government’s Pathways to a climate resilient Queensland, Queensland Climate Adaptation Strategy; Design, the third stage in the framework, focuses on identifying, evaluating, and selecting actions to reduce the impact of climate and non-climate stressors. Figure 1 below illustrates the climate change projections reported in OPC SLR Guidance. Climate-Resilient Infrastructure - Adaptive Design and Risk Management Details This book, MOP 140, provides guidance for and contributes to the developing or enhancing of methods for infrastructure analysis and design in a world in which risk profiles are changing and can be projected with varying degrees of uncertainty requiring a new design philosophy to meet this challenge. To develop our design recommendations related to SLR, we drew from the climate change Observational Method (OM) introduced in ASCE’s Climate-Resilient Infrastructure, Adaptive Design and Risk Management. 6 Collaboration and Coordination for Climate-Resilient Project Development at ADB 7 Adaptation Finance from ADB’s Own Resources 8 Adjustment of Hydrological Inputs to Road Design for Climate Change Risk Based on Extreme Value Analysis BOXES 1 Resilience 2 Making Infrastructure Investments Climate- and Disaster-Resilient Designing climate-resilient infrastructure Climate-resilient infrastructure has the potential to improve the reliability of service provision, increase asset life and protect asset returns. Environment Design Workforce Project delivery Safety Health ... Adaptive Design and Risk Management." The firm’s expertise was further demonstrated by its contributions to the ASCE’s “Climate-Resilient Infrastructure: Adaptive Design and Risk Management.” This manual of practice provides guidance for and contributes to the development of codes and standards for the design of resilient infrastructure, addressing areas where there currently are large knowledge gaps. 3.2.1 Design consideration 1: Use of climate and disaster risk information to inform targeting strategy 15 3.2.2 Design consideration 2: Support resilient infrastructure 18 3.2.3 Design consideration 3: Support resilient livelihoods-related interventions 22 3.2.4 Design consideration 4: Strengthen linkages with different sectors and wider

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