disco dicing saw manual

Fully Automatic Dicing Saw 6340 Minimized X axis movement Facing dual-spindle.

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cutting speed mm/s 0.1 - 600

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Kerf check errors can be significantly reduced by making appropriate settings for your device and the blades you are using. h�b```f``�g�2D@�����9@�m @\F��� �����l�0Lڪ���Ъ!�"��R� %PDF-1.5

The Disco Dicing Saw is a single spindle dicing saw, capable of handling work-pieces up to a maximum of 6” diameter. DFD6341 is the latest fully automatic dual spindle dicing saw for ø8-inch wafers, incorporating the throughput enhancement technology developed in DFD6362 for ø300 mm wafers. hޤVYk�@�+��>8{_v��&5�i <>/XObject<>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Guidance is displayed for easy correction of errors. �*Ն��m]�BU�_;U�"���@�C�o���\N�C��-���}P��p5���m���=��ƄkH��w�lF�s������l�( (H ��vɍ,iQ�E�j�io��ެ H-H� _�;��mt���u�oל�����t�转AfR�#D�Q�w�������,$ۭ@��Y���T{��joZTsw�d?���-����ʟ��&��p�m���w��Al^6!�At���~�o�{h%���4-N?�W�Ď���7��8H�a'������Q���ة��o�e�1����"��jb5�g I ?���R�]IK4�c(F B-m�U�q �Ugap�=@�ӞC��s�Z+d�� +���w�w�!�tț�]l��� D�n��7\>ĉ� r�]l�LB����E9z��$�0Z|Q\��IB�_��4V�`%�$���"���㖊��� �e� )�sLo700Ht�H���/sC�s�QOc(�&$�l ���0@r�v��ѢD�I!�S��4����o���:��o�ʷ-] �rJ–o�b�\�b�GI�Q�C�KҴ�]��Ѡ���� �����d @��������:�L�\�A���(��ץ� QhH�3�3���]``�t`9��輷Nc�� <> 8.10 Inspect the spindle front cap and clean as needed. ø8" X-axis Cutting range mm 210 Max. DISCO offers training on maintenance and operation of various equipment models to help customers better understand the products and be able to use them more efficiently. Compact automatic dicing saw with ultimate usability.
DISCO DAD3220 DICING SAW STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE Page 14 8.9 After contact gently give another turn of the jig to pull the flange A off of the spindle. 13-11 mori-i ta 2-chome t a-ku Tokyo 143-8580 a pan Phone0 3-450 -1100 Fax 03-45 0-105 ( w.discwwo.co.

1 0 obj During manual alignment During cut preparation. s���F��ffh����w}wJ�;f�3*�̳a�*?���ϸ�9P@F�[ -��磘D�[��ٷ� �#l��\X���ߞ��܁��hz���������7���@ �y��ޘ*A��bk�5!֚�9Z)�,�¡a7�]�[�an�O�^O�6��Rg��+�)_���DU��z\�U*u�Ь��P��I�&F1����J�Ȯ3�H�V&L. 646 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<552F48DABE6367D814F6420FB7DF9C59><940F18C029B08049B2596B7F99DA5B66>]/Index[641 15]/Info 640 0 R/Length 48/Prev 1062683/Root 642 0 R/Size 656/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream

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All prices are tax excluded. Adoption of a uniquely developed axis mechanism enables X-axis return speeds up to 1,000 mm/s.

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© 2020 DISCO Corporation. 2 0 obj Troubleshooting and FAQs for Precision Processing Equipment, Troubleshooting and FAQs for Precision Processing Tools (Blades/Wheels), Precision Processing Tools (Blades/Wheels), Customer Equipment Improvement Information (CSMDC), Useful Improvement Information (Technical Newsletters), Guarantee policy for customer using DISCO Products. �����2��ߙ]�G��f�hfv�cf����� It includes six specific materials designated EU RoHS Directives and stream Improved acceleration and deceleration performance for each Dicing saws use dicing blades to cut silicon, glass, and ceramic workpieces with a high degree of accuracy. <>

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The DAD3240 realizes the world’s smallest class footprint as ø8-inch dicing saw. ���n�'��n���w��Y�J)�l������6J�>+���~��fe��۪ڳ�Aq�6VV P�(�/4�cK��u��_�a?H-��MS��XP&�ٳ��д�Cm�߷�@&���3.ңʆ��k� VA�����)���0 ��ŅhYm�s��`�R�U�jm~���nY@�fr�F��ٸ@�r� �s�=��6��A�I��E={�=��4��Na��W���E��*�s���u�U�.�.T�@��0x���{Zܙ��l�ڿP3���������ż,��Ԣ��&����&�C�L���Oj� www.disco.co.jp Automatic Dicing Saw DAD322 2014.11 Specifications Environmentally conscious design The DAD322 is DISCO's first green procurement compliant product*. p Workpiece size - Max.

endobj �jޱ���b8�$��_� �i2�x�X4/��|6+��]y�q����(f��#������é-h�]X��| S�\ޕ@/T�QM/2�h޴�$��K���(�=B�sF�B�Z� ��)@��O�c�>���c��� ��@^�r��$^���s�|V6��&�.���U. 4 0 obj

h�bbd``b`��@�� �M?O2012�d ����0 �"� Introduction to DISCO customer support, including support systems, product improvement information, and troubleshooting. DISCO Dicing Saw Second of a “Tips & Tricks” Series MTBA (Mean Time Between Assists) is an index to help determine stable operation of the machine. Fully automatic dicing saws can perform the entire process sequence: loading from the cassette, alignment, dicing, cleaning/drying and unloading to the cassette completely automatically. The system is fully interlocked for safety.

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