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These sociable classes are open to everyone over the age of 16 years. It is perfectly possible for the 1s to move down 2 places rather than just one (and similarly the 2s to move up two places). The dances are led by tutor and caller Mike Ruff. He is known for his enthusiastic and inclusive teaching, his wide and deep knowledge of English country dancing, and his ongoing research into the history and background of traditional dance. CORNERS: The first man and second woman are first corners; first woman and second man are second corners. This figure is a little awkward in the modern world, and modern interpretations rarely include it. top. A turn single cloverleaf means turning in such a way as to trace the pattern of a four leaf clover. When doing “right shoulder siding” you walk toward the center of the set and slightly to your left, stopping in the middle so that your right shoulder is near your partner’s right shoulder. four-couple set", except that the "set" here consists of as many

Dancetime Publications That is step out with the right foot, close with the left, then step with the left foot and close with the right. There are 3 and 4 couple longways dances, even a few 5 couple ones. Even so there are some dances which currently have several modern interpretations of what Playford intended. In a two-couple dance, the person of the same sex in your group is called your The distance you fall back, and the time taken to do it can vary. The image on the right shows another common start position.

However, Lowens defines a songster "as a collection of three or more secular poems intended to be sung." after the ones progress into second place, "corners" means the same as in SCD. Being French it seems likely that this is a later addition to the collection of figures. Sometimes I will kiss the lady’s hand… but if you have an understanding with your partner do what seems best. In the traditional format the men are in one line and the women in another, but many modern (and some older) english country dances use a format where men and women alternate down the lines. Everyone is involved in this figure 8, but the 1s and the 2s are out of phase. A crossover mirror hey is like a normal mirror hey except that the first couple crosses sides at the very beginning.

SIDING: Facing partner throughout, pass left shoulders, moving toward partner's place with three steps (R,L,R) and close left (or balance as in "up a double"); reverse, passing right shoulders to move to original place with opposite footwork. does circling. described as the latest, with the newest methods, The call will indicate whom you are to turn. [Going.]. other information is summarized and a facsimile of the dance and its music

In up a double. (Sample call: "first corners cross".)

You end up where you started. If they were 2nd couples they will now be 1st couples, and vice versa. Sometimes the teacher plays the music a bit before we start walking through On rare occasions the call will start with your neighbor rather than your partner.

http://www-ssrl.slac.stanford.edu/~winston/ecd.htmlx them, and the twos dance with new ones farther above them. In another form of corners, they are with respect to the middle couple. Videos, DVDs, CDs, and texts are available. The call for this would be something like “Partner mirror back to back women in the middle at start”. Sometimes one will be left out and you will circle three. But the most common format is more complex. Set and Link is a Scottish figure occasionally found in English dances. This figure gets its name from the dance Hole in the Wall in which it first appeared. In the top example the 1s are doing a right hand turn while the 2s are doing a left hand turn (this combination is unlikely to occur in a dance). When facing your partner, the top couple will turn up and the bottom couple will turn down.

The music page, The ABC Tune Finder searches the index files produced by the bot program. This publication comprises those songs published through 1800.

This isn’t a problem. http://www.torontoenglishdance.ca, Hamilton English Country Dancers, Here the long first corners are indicated with a black line and the long second corners with a grey. The single longways set can be as long as you want (“Longwayes for as many as will” according to Playford) and is subdivided into smaller two couple units, each unit is called “a minor set“. Definitions of Elements of English Country Dance Ted Sannella: Annotated Discography and Bibliography from Ted Sannella's SWING THE NEXT (HTML) The annotations and introduction for the Discography and Bibliography in Swing the Next (CDSS, 1996) are included here in their entirety. You can dance any minor set dance in this format, no one is ever out, and no one ever changes direction. If no fraction is specified assume a full circle. (This is actually almost identical to SCD's "two-couple dance in a

DUPLE AND TRIPLE MINOR: Refers to "minor" groupings of couples in the "major" longways set. When you reach the top or bottom you are out for one cycle of the dance, then you If you wish to see a dance in this format look at Hit & Miſſe, a dance from 1651. Progression: The commonest format is a "longways set", where the

Note that the couple that was at the very top of the longways set is still a 1st couple, but the couple who was in the second position is now also a 1st couple. English Country Dances are danced in many formations, but the most common is the longways set.

The Title/Link takes the reader to a bibliography of the sources. In addition to knowing most of what you need to know about the basic set layout, Often there will be someone else in the spot that you are moving into, so while you are casting this other person must move out of the way. These dances usually do involve progression, each time through the dance a new couple is the first couple, so to get the full feel of the dance you dance it three times. Sometimes you slip-step down the middle and up. The figures of the dance will necessitate this number of couples; the first or top couple is usually the "active" couple, who progress down the set during the dance, while twos and threes move up with each time through the pattern. The Band, CDs & Books, dance terms, dance tips, instruments, audio samples, dance costume, other dances. She was more interested in the social interaction that the dance permitted.

Sheridan, in The Rivals (Act 2, scene 1), has this to say: FAULKLAND Now disappointment on her!—Defend this, Absolute; why don’t you defend this?—Country-dances! if (Date.parse(document.lastModified)!=0) document.write('Last modified: ' Balls featuring English Country Dance are the backdrop of many important scenes in Jane Austin’s novels, but she never actually describes them (she didn’t need to as they were familiar to all her readers). Roy Dommett's Morris Notes Online Edition — the foundational resource, long out of print, available online.

learning the figures a little. I haven’t heard this in English yet, but be prepared for it.

var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Folk Dance Federation of California, South, Inc. English Country Dancing

The classes are accompanied by live music. This is a duple minor dance in the USA format. This email address is being protected from spambots. He is also an experienced dancer. By convention the men have their left shoulders to the music while the women have their right shoulders to it, this formation is called “proper”.

The history of each dance event is discussed, as is their on-going process of evolution. A full circle will return you to where you began. These dances usually involve progression allowing each couple to be a first couple. You can release hands (and move back to the sidelines)

This is sometimes called the “Bentley Allemande”. TURN SINGLE: Turn toward right shoulder, once around, four steps, making a small circle clockwise. In USA dances the call will be repeated. The draw poussette is similar to a normal poussette except that the couple turns through 180° so that the person who was pushing continues to push the entire time. This doesn’t happen in English. Sometimes you will be expected to travel at the same time as turning, this will be explained in the choreography and you may find you simply spin as you move. If the circle is to the R, the direction is specified. FAULKLAND If there be but one vicious mind in the set, ’twill spread like a contagion—the action of their pulse beats to the lascivious movement of the jig—their quivering, warm-breathed sighs impregnate the very air—the atmosphere becomes electrical to love, and each amorous spark darts through every link of the chain!—I must leave you—I own I am somewhat flurried—and that confounded looby has perceived it. The Hole in the Wall cross is a variant of a simple cross, in it the people crossing approach one another and just as they would bump they sidle around each other in a semicircle and then back away into the other person’s place.

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