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Rated T+, Fallen Angels #6 is a fitting end to a great series. Join Psylocke and company on their mission to stave off Apoth and his children! It is a resounding dud. Magneto and Sinister are great and I love how this title feels so connected to the new Xmen universe. Her team faffs around fighting goons while Psylocke defeats Apoth in a weakly-conceived, poorly-rendered showdown. Read Full Review. Not very interesting. Read Full Review, In comparison to previous issues, this comic book is one of the strongest yet, but that isn't saying much. View full history. Rated T+, Fallen Angels is a book a lot of people are sleeping on, and that's a tragedy.

Let's see if it improves. Read Full Review, Fallen Angels #6 concludes a series that may be sought after by fans of Psylocke for some time to come, but just doesn't add enough substantial weight to the Dawn of X lineup to stand out.

Read Full Review, Fallen Angels ends this week and it serves as a six-issue series that has plenty of ideas but doesn't know how to execute on them. For every great issue form the Dawn of X there are Fallen Angels. Read Full Review, FALLEN ANGELS #5 is a typical setup issue. Fallen Angels 5 had solid moments with more good to its merit than bad.

Boring series and awful art, can’t say I’d be missing it. Read Full Review, Fallen Angels #5 captures an exciting new vision of Psylocke, but fails to bring all of the intriguing narrative elements together in a cohesive and enjoyable way.

on 09/24/20 I can't recommend X-Force and Marauders enough, but do yourself the favor of never reading this. Read Full Review, There are a lot of problems with this issue, if I haven't made thatclear enough. Prelude: Well, Fallen Angels has been pretty miss so far. Thank fuck it's the last issue of this crap, I'm ashamed to even think that I've actually spent my money on this. Just when you think this cannot get any worse.

Training and preparations ensue. -Those journals were like Tom King writing. Comic Vine users. The whole feel to this series is very unique in a very beautiful way. - PSYLOCKE. Ok, psionic wings were cool, but aside from that we got: - boring and sluggish story. The only thing I liked about this issue was Magneto at the end. Issue #4. If you google “bad art” you’ll get the same result. Read Full Review, If you're willing to overlook some flaws though Fallen Angels #5 has some interesting things to offer. Magnetos speech about reminding the world the Xmen are still watching was a home run. I guess the universe needs balance after all. Read Full Review, " I'm going to hope that i can call you a friend. " You Don't Read Comics - David Harth Jan 8, 2020. -Just stay away from this one. The best thing thatcan be said about this final issue of Fallen Angels is that itfinishes the series and frees Psylocke up to move on to anchor Zeb Wells and Stephen Segovia's Hellions starting in March. THE GOOD: -I kind of liked Mr. Sinister and Magneto's appearances here, mainly because the main characters are so boring, and previous Krakoan X-Men comics have built likable characters out of them both. Fallen Angels (2020) Genres: Action; Adventure; Superhero. Still not liking Kudranski's art. At least we can get some respite knowing it's almost over. Psylocke fans should enjoy this issue for its message about her growth as a character, but even then it's hard to deny it feels unearned due to the ineffectiveness of this narrative.

Comic Watch - Nicholas Osborn Jan 30, 2020. "She always this dramatic?" The art was inconsistent. Publishers: Marvel. I cannot blame you. It sets up a showdown that you'll be dying for since so little actually occurs here.

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