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“Your pictures are scattered. You can zoom in on an image by clicking on it.

inclusion is a good indicator of popularity., I’ve said that least 2190366 times.

. Tag all your photos. #5 – you’re basically saying to whore yourself out and change your photography to appeal to the masses; or to shape your work with Explore in mind. Would love anyone could inform us about that. There are ways to find out how popular a specific Flickr photo is, whether owned by you or someone else.

However, I used to be active on Flickr and I admit that I used to LOVE seeing how many comments and faves I could get. (In Explore 24/2). Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Here's one from the archives. I understand that I can withdraw my consent at anytime. users who have added the photo in question to their favorites list. Get newsletters and notices that include site news, special offers and exclusive discounts about IT products & services.

No incidents reported today. Explore Operational Operational Degraded Performance Partial Outage Major Outage Maintenance Past Incidents. Let's be honest, just because your photo appears on the explore page doesn't mean that it's a great photo. We all know that Flickr Team selects about 500 Photos every day that appears on Flickr “Explore Pages”.

How to Allow Guests to Upload Photos on SmugMug? Plenty of people have blogs now, and many of them lack attractive content, so you can propose to them to add your Flickr stream to their blog … it’s quite easy to do via a blog widget.

(This may not be possible with some types of ads).

Seriously…a…bag…of…Legos…. The first few top ranked photos are usually impressive compositions like a magical landscape or nature shots. Un altra visió de Calella de Palafrugell, (explore). Most Flickr groups are open by invite only, and heavy group I think one reason for this is that your photo has to look creative or unique from a thumbnail size. Feel free to check out my flickr photos:

Right-click on the ad, choose "Copy Link", then paste here → The quickest way to see if your digital photos are listed among the 500 photographs chosen each day for the Flickr Explore page or create a great looking digital poster from your photos to show off your achievement. Flickr is an extremely popular photo-sharing website that allows photographers to socially connect with other users and view their photos. I agree to receive these communications from Flickr Explorer. (if I ever figure out how to do a photo website, you’ll know!) How to Change Flickr Photo’s License for Multiple Photos at Once? All Rights Reserved Fluidr makes it easy to view photos and videos on Flickr using continuous pagination which essentially means that you can view hundreds of photos and videos without ever having to click on a 'next' link. Go through your groups and decide which ones give you the best return on investment. Yuck.

Common sense says that the longer you have your line in the water, the more fish you'll catch. Not only are you advocating whoring out your work, you’re advocating getting on your knees and begging for faves and comments. One question I frequently get from Flickr photographers is how to get on the coveted “Explore” page more often. Brand new version ! eg if you have added 3000 or more do you have to get more faves/comment proportionaltely before getting noticed? Get the SourceForge newsletter. Explore. Very interesting subject indeed… I’ve just published a set of statistics I’ve made on explored photos of the last 2 years: my photography pleases me and I EXPLORE it first, i give it FAVORITES, the rest is gravy. Flickr Explorer allows users to search Flickr for images and visually animates the search results on the screen. You’re kidding, right? Another indication of a photo's popularity is whether is has made in into Flickr's "explore" stream. SO GOOD!!!!! explore 10.10.2016 , vielen Dank - thanks!!!

Photos of different things, nature, animals, people, random or creative. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. a half eaten poptart. related to photos on Flickr. A photo of a simple and sweet flower could have lots and lots of tags like Pretty, Flower, Nature, Simple, Beautiful, Beauty, Leaves, Petals, Buds, Outside, Grass, Bug, Sky, etc. Company. This is more an indication of an image's artistic impact than of its This is the total number of

Get Updates. you’ll also see the same faces that have their pics on explore over and over and over. View the most interesting photos and videos uploaded to Flickr today on Fluidr. Flickr Tip #2: Be social! PicBackMan in an all-in-one uploader to backup & transfer your photos and videos to top online services. from there the “quality” IMO really tapers off and it becomes clear what Explore is really all about.

What’s the point if you don’t enjoy doing it.

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