gangster's paradise: jerusalema review

How could anyone come up with such a complex scheme that relies on the actions and inactions of various government agencies simply by reading very general self-help books? Unlike "Tsotsi", it's not out win awards, or to preach about the struggle. The film by Ralph Ziman is based on real events and goes against what has become predictable.

His answer was amazing: He shot it himself over the years, which means that Ralph has single handedly created parts of a record of SA history no one else has. It's about determination and hope. Saw Jerusalema last weekend.

As a youth, Kunene is played by Jafta Mamabolo, and his early chaotic adventures stealing cars are entertaining. Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema. This movie was extremely good . A mirror on Jozi and what our lives are really like. User Ratings This film was such a disappointment. The film tells the story of a self made entrepreneur from the slums of Soweto, his motto, crime really pays in the new South Africa.

Like any B grade Hollywood movie the last part of the movie was full of impossible shoot-outs and crime does pay themes. Lucky Kunene is a carjacker-turned-property-racketeer who exploits poor black tenants in Jo'burg's shabby housing blocks, scheming rent-strikes and squat-takeovers against nervy white landlords.

DIRECTOR Ralph Ziman's vivid, action-packed South African gangster epic makes for exciting big screen entertainment.

I cannot say it enough times. Eventually he and Zakes are sucked into crime though their relationship with Nazareth (a potent Jeffrey Sekele), an angry disaffected, former ANC guerilla. Tsotsi is nothing compared to Jerusalema. That's fair, but the numerous anachronisms and "goofs" already elaborated by other cinephiles illustrate that the production while compelling was sloppy. And soon they're hijacking cars ("affirmative repossession", says Nazareth). It sensationalizes crime, celebrates materialism, denigrates Black Africans in general, debases Black women in particular, and glorifies Whites in the same subliminal ways that are so prevalent in Hollywood. Being South African one could see that this film was simply a labour of love for the beloved country. Der Film hat Höhen und Tiefen. Gangster's Paradise: Jerusalema R alph Ziman's flashy gangster thriller, set in post-apartheid Johannesburg, begins strongly and seems at first like a … This seriously impacted in such a negative way I changed my rating to 6/10. I saw this in the Pan-African Images Sidebar at the 33rd Cleveland International Film Festival.

Is it right or wrong, and was it necessary? This was an appealing motion picture from South Africa but nothing out of the ordinary.The story line is direct but desiccated.It wastes not time and goes immediately into the tragedy with no stops no loop-holes. i don't know if there is such a thing as a good thief, but I fell in love with Rapulano in this movie all over again, for me it had that James Bond element, except that his black and a thief, but that untouchable notion of 0007... Great story and acting. He claims to be a Robin Hood hero working outside the law, admiring Al Capone and Karl Marx (he actually reattributes Proudhon's maxim "property is theft" to Marx). If the makers of the film had wanted to make political statements they could just as well have had Lucky "rehabilitate" a couple of buildings, which is probably what actually happened "in real life." I am totally bewildered by those who claim it is better than Tsotsie.

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