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A lot of people are writing off Godzilla, but many versions of Godzilla are operating on more than just a physical level which could give him the edge he needs to fight Cthulhu. More of the Great Old One's rubbery flesh oozed across the damaged wing to fill and repair the tattered hole. Then out of nowhere Cthulhu began to try and say something. 0. Godzilla would win by incap and Cthulhu would slink away to wait for the stars to be right again. So in theory all Godzilla has to do is hit him with a single bolt of lightning and then beat Cthulhu into a bloody pulp. Back at the battleground, Cthulhu sensed that the city he built was getting attacked by Godzilla. Throw Mothra in on Godzilla's side and I'll give it 50/50. Since Godzilla is now fighting stuff in hell, I'm wondering what everyone's updated opinions are. All of a sudden, a massive thunderclap boomed across the land. Whatever had been approaching had destroyed many of his thralls... that should not have been possible for anything on this plane. IDK, Godzilla has destroyed Boats before, Cthulhu doesn't have a solitary feat anywhere near there. But I know that Great Cthulhu still lives, so it was but a temporary victory. Let's test that word to the limit" Serizawa said, the gang of scientists looked up and saw the gang of monsters teaming up to defeat Cthulhu. It would still be very devastating to Cthulhu, Cthulhu raised his foot and was about to stomp on Kong but Rodan moved him out of the way and Rodan was swatted down by Cthulhu. Cthulhu is in a whole different league of power, like estinguishing whole solar systems kinda power. I meant the human brain cannot imagine Cthulhu's power but Godzilla has a clear limit. share. When the tower did not move, did not react to Godzilla's challenge, the reptile slowly walked around its alien symmetry, his eyes still glaring in suspicion, ready for the first sign of aggression from the cosmic evil he sensed all about him. i'm not saying he isn't a god. 5 years ago. Now Cthulhu could be hurt, Godzilla returned to Japan and nodded at his friends. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. This wouldn’t be much. A few steps more and it ceased to support Godzilla's mass. Dpends on version of Cthulhu. He looked around, Godzilla still had lots of work to do. Godzilla's atomic-breath is powerful enough to obliterate a Moon sized asteroid and knows martial arts, I think he can kick the crap out of an oversized squid dish. He struggled to fly, Kong then took out the rod. Kong then ripped out the rod and jumped down to Cthulhu's wings, he jammed the rod into one wing and he held on tightly to the rod. The great beast gave but a single shriek of pain as he toppled upon the blue rocks, stunned by the mental and physical assault.

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