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May I ask with your worldly knowledge would you know if its possible to cover the ice on both polar caps with solar panels to reflect rays and absorb heat and light to convert into electricity and then use the power to refrigerate ? Increasing Cosmic Rays are believed to heat the muons in subsurface silica-rich magma (click here for more on that). For more details on the latest insight on cosmic rays, read the 2017 press release on Professor Henrik Svensmark’s paper here: “Finally, we have the last piece of the puzzle of why the particles from space are important for climate on Earth.”. The count of visible sunspots can provide a very rough, low-tech overview of the trend in solar activity, even without electricity or intranet access, using only a pair of binoculars or a telescope. It shields us from incoming cosmic rays and harmful electromagnetic radiation (such as UV B-C and gamma rays).

In my personal opinion, we should keep our infrastructure, dwellings and food production/ sovereignty adapted to Maunder Minimum- conditions at all times, including relocating from high risk zones, including all population centers, lighting protection, having optional concrete reinforced storm shelters, 1-year+ food provisions.

2019: The next Grand Solar Minimum has (very likely) begun: NASA predicts lowest solar cycle in 200 years. There is an increasingly noticeable difference in plant growth and reactions. The most famous example is the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715) which brought plummeting temperatures, crop loss, famine, and the deaths of hundreds of millions of people ACROSS the planet.

We add to this:  Earthquakes, volcanoes, lightning, and other electric events and an enhanced risk for a solar flare that can disrupt our power grid. Here is how to do it: Simply mount your binoculars or teleskope in such a way that they project a cone of sunlight onto a white surface in the shade. What to expect in a Grand Solar Minimum. NOAA is predicting a ‘full-blown’ Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) GSM’s have the potential to hold sunspots at ZERO for multiple decades. He assumes the changes in temperature are a direct cause of the changes in TSI. The following is again mainly from a narration in “Where are we going” by Suspicious Observers, who refer to this as our 3rd collapsing shield. On January 4, the daily sunspot number was 13, indicating 3 sunspots in one sunspot group, although reported “no sunspots on that day.”. The year 1816 went on to earn the name, “Eighteen Hundred and Froze to Death“ (see the link below). Weather and Atmospheric Dynamics Focus Area Publications and Research Highlights, Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Focus Area Publications and Research Highlights, A Year in Review: New Earth Discoveries in 2018, Changes in global terrestrial water storage C, Climate change is speeding up the water cycle, Cold-intolerant plants are creeping farther north, Ice losses from Antarctica have tripled since 2012, India overtakes China as top emitter of sulfur dioxide, Linking ocean circulation and riverine carbon flux, Local land subsidence increases flood risk in San Francisco Bay, Satellites detect undiscovered penguin populations, Sea surface salinity could provide new insight into severe storms, Seeing the connection between neighboring volcanoes at depth, Warm ocean waters off Greenland put glaciers at more risk, A Year in Review: New Earth Discoveries in 2019, Developmental, Reproductive & Evolutionary Biology Program, Experiments - Cell & Molecular Biology Program, Experiments - Developmental, Reproductive & Evolutionary Biology Program, Hardware - Cell & Molecular Biology Program, Hardware - Developmental, Reproductive & Evolutionary Biology Program, Publications - Cell & Molecular Biology Program, Publications - Developmental, Reproductive & Evolutionary Biology Program, What We Study - Cell & Molecular Biology Program, What We Study - Developmental, Reproductive & Evolutionary Biology Program, NASA Science Social Media Consolidation FAQ.

Magnetite Magnetic Anomaly Maps for various countries, states etc, also reveal where these safer places are found! Thus, also in regards to this current combination, we are entering unchartered territory in terms of incoming space energy. Earth’s magnetic field has a similar function as the Sun’s magnetic field.

Even when – in a given year – average temperatures are only slightly below normal or even average, all that is needed is one unseasonal late snowfall or hailstorm to ruin crops for a season (as happened in France and Midwest USA in spring 2016 and 2017). When clouds are rained out, this happens more violently, whereas the regular transport into the continents is diminished. However, the exact progression over time is hard to predict. Crop damage, local surface heating, wildfires and biological damage can all be accelerated by an increase in UV radiation, by the following mechanisms: 1.) A “normal” Grand Solar Minimum initially manifests not so much as a “Mini Ice Age” but could more appropriately be called a “Bad Weather Age” with climate extremes. There are unique space weather effects that get stronger during solar minimum.

Extreme UV radiation from the flare ionized the top of Earth’s atmosphere.

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