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Two of the most significant acts to be implemented during Wilson’s tenure as prime minister were the Murder (Abolition of Death Penalty) Act 1965 – which suspended the death penalty in England, Wales and Scotland – and the Sexual Offences Act 1967, which decriminalised certain homosexual acts. [34] He had entered power at a time when unemployment stood at around 400,000. Some elements of these changes were subsequently to be enacted (in modified form) during the premiership of Margaret Thatcher.

The son of an industrial chemist and a teacher, he would go on to to become the Queen's first Prime Minister from a lower middle-class background as well as her first Labour Party PM.
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography: "Hugh Gaitskell". [35], After a costly battle, market pressures forced the government to devalue the pound by 14% from $2.80 to $2.40 in November 1967. Wilson's earlier government had witnessed the outbreak of The Troubles in Northern Ireland. In April the queen appointed Wilson a Knight of the Garter, and in 1983 he was created a life peer. Harold Wilson meeting people at a retirement home. Thoroughly Northern, James Harold Wilson was born in 1916 to a lower-middle-class couple. It was vetoed by de Gaulle in November 1967. Thoroughly Northern, James Harold Wilson was born in 1916 to a lower-middle-class couple. From the records, it is unclear if Wilson or Heath knew of the bugging, and no recorded conversations were retained by MI5 so possibly the bugs were never activated. Wilson's course in intra-party matters in the 1950s and early 1960s left him neither fully accepted nor trusted by the left or the right in the Labour Party. In Wilson’s obituary for the Guardian, journalist Geoffrey Goodman recounted the time he interviewed Wilson shortly after his win at the 1964 election. [116] Several prominent Labour figures lost their seats, notably George Brown who was still Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.[117].

[57] Another important reform, the Welsh Language Act 1967, granted 'equal validity' to the declining Welsh language and encouraged its revival.

Wilson resigned his post in April 1951 in protest against the introduction of national health service charges to finance rearmament for the Korean War.

The plan then allegedly lost momentum, due in part, it was claimed, to warnings made by both the then Foreign Secretary, James Callaghan, and the then Irish Minister for Foreign Affairs Garret FitzGerald who admitted the 12,000-strong Irish army would be unable to deal with the ensuing civil war.[126]. Wikimedia CommonsLord Harold Wilson was famous for his humble touches, like preferring a pipe to a cigar. He also fell prey to several bizarre conspiracy theories. Our best wishes for a productive day. Wikimedia CommonsHarold Wilson was prime minister for two terms. His father was an industrial chemist named James Herbert and his mother named Ethel Sedden, who worked for the British version of the Girl Scouts. Roy Jenkins noted that Wilson's retirement "was disfigured by his, at best, eccentric resignation honours list, which gave peerages or knighthoods to some adventurous business gentlemen, several of whom were close neither to him nor to the Labour Party. Harold Wilson was prime minister for two terms. [142] Other memorable phrases attributed to Wilson include "the white heat of the [technological] revolution", and "a week is a long time in politics", meaning that political fortunes can change extremely rapidly. Wilson was alternately considered to have no principles and to be a practical politician who eschewed dogma. Charles Erwin Wilson (1890-1961), engineer, businessman, and secretary of defense during the Eisenhower adm…, Wilson, Brian The same year the Labour party ousted the aristocratic Sir Winston Churchill from office in a landslide victory. In 1974, as many as 750,000 people were liable to pay the top rate of income tax. This additional expenditure provided for an energetic revival of a policy of building health centres for GPs, extra pay for doctors who served in areas particularly short of them, significant growth in hospital staffing, and a significant increase in a hospital building programme. [96], Between 1964 and 1968, benefits in kind were significantly progressive, in that over the period those in the lower half of the income scale benefited more than those in the upper half.

"James Harold Wilson [73] Trade unions also benefited from the passage of the Trade Dispute Act 1965.

[45], Regional unemployment differentials were narrowed, and spending on regional infrastructure was significantly increased. Housing was a major policy area under the first Wilson government.

Another was that she was the author of the notorious “lavender list,” a roundup of names of people to be honored, written on purple stationery, that was later said were mostly people who had personally helped Williams. He married at 24 to a minister’s daughter who gave him two children. [54], Many subsidies were allocated to local authorities faced with acute areas of severe poverty (or other social problems).

Wilson won the case, and all royalties from the song (composed by Move leader Roy Wood) were assigned in perpetuity to a charity of Wilson's choosing. Roy Jenkins, 'Wilson, (James) Harold, Baron Wilson of Rievaulx (1916–1995)', Harold Wilson, The Labour Government 1964–1970: A Personal Record. After narrowly winning the 1964 general election, Wilson saw an increased majority in a snap election in 1966. Wilson holds a number of other records: he was the first Labour prime minister to be elected for 13 years, following his win at the general election of 1964; he is the longest-serving Labour prime minister of the 20th century; and he won four out of the five general elections he contested – more than any other postwar British leader. He was a keen academic in his early life, but ultimately pursued a career in politics and became MP for Ormskirk in 1945.

The others were Douglas Jay (Economic Secretary to the Treasury) and Hugh Gaitskell (Minister of Fuel and Power), both of whom soon grew to distrust him. Costing £70,000, the statue, designed by sculptor Ian Walters, is based on photographs taken in 1964 and depicts Wilson in walking pose at the start of his first term as Prime Minister. Woodrow Wilson Some groups of professional workers, such as nurses, teachers, and doctors, gained substantial awards. In 1963 on Macmillan's orders following the Profumo affair, MI5 bugged the cabinet room, the waiting room, and the prime minister's study until the devices were removed in 1977 on Callaghan's orders. The real history behind ‘The Crown’ with Robert Lacey, The Profumo affair, the Cold War and decolonisation: Britain in transition, A brief history of the Conservative Party, A brief history of capital punishment in Britain, Ruth Ellis and the hanging that rocked a nation, 9 things you (probably) didn’t know about Winston Churchill, ‘Queen Elizabeth: 90 Glorious Years’ bookazine, From the first Remembrance Day to remembrance today. Certain sections of public opinion started to question their efficacy, and to demand the toppling of the régime by force. "Forging the Anglo‐American global defence partnership: Harold Wilson, Lyndon Johnson and the Washington summit, December 1964.". Wilson, who had been runner-up in the elections, stepped up to fill the vacant place. Harold Wilson, full name James Harold Wilson, was born in Huddersfield, Yorkshire on 11 March 1916.

His own version of politics in his time may be found in his The Labour Government, 1964–1970 (1971), The Governance of Britain (1976), and Final Term: The Labour Government 1974–76 (1979). She won a 2007 libel trial with the BBC over the controversy. He was close to death before he was saved by passers-by.

The National Plan produced by the DEA in 1965 targeted an annual growth rate of 3.8%, however, under the restrained circumstances the actual average rate of growth between 1964 and 1970 was a far more modest 2.2%. [38], The continued relevance of industrial nationalisation (a centrepiece of the post-War Labour government's programme) had been a key point of contention in Labour's internal struggles of the 1950s and early 1960s. While he adored these trips, other prime ministers didn’t feel the same. In early 1954, Bevan resigned from the Shadow Cabinet (elected by Labour MPs when the party was in opposition) over Labour's support for the setting-up of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO).

[55] From July 1966 onwards, the temporary allowance for widow of severely disabled pensioners was extended from 13 to 26 weeks. On 11 September 2008, BBC Radio Four's Document programme claimed to have unearthed a secret plan—codenamed Doomsday—which proposed to cut all of the United Kingdom's constitutional ties with Northern Ireland and transform the province into an independent dominion. He took little action to pursue the Labour Party constitution's stated dedication to public ownership as a stepping stone towards this goal, though he did not formally disavow it. Although the government recommended a vote in favour of continued membership, the cabinet was split on the issue, and Ministers were allowed to campaign on different sides of the question. He worked well with the cloistered Queen Elizabeth II, introducing her to the middle-class viewpoint for the first time. From 1959 to 1970, while the earnings of manual workers increased by 75%, the salaries of registrars more than doubled while those of house officers more than trebled. He spent his first two years as parliamentary secretary to the Ministry of Works (1945-1947), following this appointment with two as president of the Board of Trade (1947-1951). [80] Across his two periods in office, Wilson presided over significant increases in the overall tax burden in the UK. [79], Funds allocated to regional assistance more than doubled, from £40 million in 1964/65 to £82 million in 1969/70, and from 1964 to 1970, the number of factories completed was 50% higher than from 1960 to 1964, which helped to reduce unemployment in development areas. Yet, despite those restraints and the need to transfer resources from domestic expenditure, private and public, to the needs of our export markets, we carried through an expansion in the social services, health, welfare and housing, unparalleled in our history. Smith's defiant response was a Unilateral Declaration of Independence, on 11 November 1965. Wikimedia CommonsWilson was alternately considered to have no principles and to be a practical politician who eschewed dogma. Partly as a result of this reliance, the government tended to find itself repeatedly injected into major industrial disputes, with late-night "beer and sandwiches at Number Ten" an almost routine culmination to such episodes.

Wilson's Prime Minister's Resignation Honours included many businessmen and celebrities, along with his political supporters. However, their relationship wasn’t one of blind loyalty. He coined the term "Gnomes of Zürich" to ridicule Swiss bankers for selling Britain short and pushing the pound down by speculation. After losing the 1970 election to Edward Heath, he spent four years as Leader of the Opposition before the February 1974 election resulted in a hung parliament.

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