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The guys from L&L Came in and WOW!! Jobs; Company Reviews; Salaries; ... LL Flooring. Welcome to We'll Floor U, a flooring company operating in the Hamptons & the East End of Long Island. Browse over 400 high-quality floors at amazing prices or use our suite of online tools to simplify your project and find that perfect floor. Lumber Liquidators is now LL Flooring. About LM Flooring. No liquidation. 421 Jobs. Ll Epoxy Flooring LLC is a Colorado Limited-Liability Company filed on July 25, 2018. Engaged Employer. Susan was great she came out measured and emailed me a … Altro Safety Flooring Armstrong Linoleum Wood Grain Vinyl Plank Carpet and Carpet Tile V.C.T. Specializing in Commercial and Residential Flooring. Forrester Flooring Company Inc. Our Las Vegas Address is: 1889 E. Maule Ave. Suite J. Las Vegas, NV 89119 Email: American Classics - American Oak Plank 3 Inch, American Classics - American Oak Plank 5 Inch, Hand Crafted - Mountain View Hickory Plank 5 Inch, Hand Crafted - Mountain View Hickory Plank Variable, [{"id":"5145231","attrid":"product_line","name":"Product Line","type":"Text","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Acacia~~4\",\"American Classics - American Oak Plank 3 Inch~~19\",\"American Classics - American Oak Plank 5 Inch~~14\",\"American Classics - Jamestown Oak Plank~~5\",\"American Designer~~5\",\"American Retreat 3\\\"~~8\",\"American Retreat 5\\\"~~8\",\"American Vintique~~8\",\"Artiquity~~8\",\"Byrch Valley~~6\",\"Café Society~~5\",\"Canyon Lodge~~8\",\"Chalmers~~14\",\"Character Collection~~22\",\"City Vogue~~5\",\"Classic (Engineered)~~14\",\"Classic (Solid)~~14\",\"Coastal Couture~~6\",\"Color Plank~~28\",\"Color Strip~~14\",\"Distressed Hickory~~6\",\"Granite Hills Oak~~5\",\"Greenville~~1\",\"Greyson Distressed~~7\",\"Hand Crafted - Chesapeake Hickory Plank~~4\",\"Hand Crafted - Iberian Hazelwood~~4\",\"Hand Crafted - Mercado Oak~~2\",\"Hand Crafted - Mountain View Hickory Plank 5 Inch~~5\",\"Hand Crafted - Mountain View Hickory Plank Variable~~5\",\"Hand Crafted - Pacaya Mesquite~~6\",\"Hand Crafted - Rock Creek~~4\",\"Hand Crafted - Smokehouse Hickory~~2\",\"Hand Crafted - Smokehouse Maple~~2\",\"Hand Crafted - Smokehouse Oak~~1\",\"Hand Crafted~~16\",\"Henley~~8\",\"Hickory~~7\",\"High Gloss~~20\",\"Highlands Park~~5\",\"Homestyle~~14\",\"Lake Ridge~~6\",\"Metropolitan Chic~~8\",\"Modern Classics~~7\",\"Monet Collection~~6\",\"Mountain Ridge Collection~~6\",\"Palmetto Road Reserve~~8\",\"Palmetto Road Solid~~9\",\"Palo Duro 4\\\" 6\\\" 8\\\"~~5\",\"Pioneer Valley~~5\",\"River Ridge~~6\",\"Riviera Collection~~10\",\"Rockford Hickory Solid 5\\\"~~3\",\"Rockford Hickory~~3\",\"Rockford Maple~~6\",\"Rockford Oak 3\\\"~~7\",\"Rockford Oak 5\\\"~~7\",\"Santa Barbara~~11\",\"Timberline Oak 3\\\"~~6\",\"Timberline Oak 5\\\"~~6\",\"Unfinished Cherry - Engineered~~2\",\"Unfinished Hickory - Engineered~~2\",\"Unfinished Hickory - Solid~~4\",\"Unfinished Maple - Engineered~~2\",\"Unfinished Maple - Solid~~4\",\"Unfinished Red Oak - Engineered~~2\",\"Unfinished Red Oak - Solid~~12\",\"Unfinished Walnut - Engineered~~2\",\"Unfinished White Oak - Engineered~~2\",\"Unfinished White Oak - Solid~~12\",\"Vintage Elements 7\\\"~~6\",\"Vintage View~~4\",\"Wallingford Birch~~3\",\"Weathered Portrait~~5\",\"Weathered Vintage~~7\",\"Wide Plank~~16\",\"Windridge Hickory~~4\",\"Woodmore 3\\\"~~8\",\"Woodmore 5\\\"~~8\",\"Woodside Hickory~~5\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5145086","attrid":"hardwood_application","name":"Hardwood Application","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Residential~~559\",\"Commercial~~185\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5145091","attrid":"hardwood_color_range","name":"Hardwood Color Range","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Medium~~127\",\"Dark~~282\",\"Light~~148\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5145087","attrid":"hardwood_category","name":"Hardwood Category","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Plank~~560\",\"Strip~~14\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5145100","attrid":"hardwood_surface_type","name":"Hardwood Surface Type","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Hand-Scraped Or Distressed~~145\",\"Smooth Surface~~15\",\"Brushed Surface~~52\",\"Matte~~42\",\"Semi Gloss~~88\",\"High Gloss~~20\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5145104","attrid":"hardwood_filter_species","name":"hardwood_filter_species","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Oak~~344\",\"Hickory~~116\",\"Maple~~41\",\"Walnut~~4\",\"Birch~~27\",\"Acacia~~9\",\"Cherry~~3\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5145092","attrid":"hardwood_construction","name":"Hardwood Construction","type":"Combo","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"Engineered~~448\",\"Solid~~111\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5145103","attrid":"hardwood_width","name":"Hardwood Width","type":"Text","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\" 5~~6\",\" 7\\\"~~6\",\"2.25\\\"~~44\",\"3\\\"~~54\",\"3.25\\\"~~69\",\"3~~6\",\"4\\\"~~19\",\"5\\\"~~192\",\"5~~10\",\"6\\\"~~12\",\"6)\\\"~~10\",\"6.33\\\"~~4\",\"6.5\\\"~~24\",\"7\\\"~~53\",\"7.48\\\"~~8\",\"7.5\\\"~~14\",\"Random(4~~10\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}], [{"id":"5145101","attrid":"hardwood_thickness","name":"Hardwood Thickness","type":"Text","searchtype":"checkboxes","options":"[\"1/2 Inches~~17\",\"1/2 Inches~~117\",\"1/2/2017 12:00:00 AM Inches~~10\",\"3/4 Inches~~8\",\"3/4 Inches~~132\",\"3/8 Inches~~140\",\"3/8 Inches~~2\",\"3/8 Inches~~75\",\"3/8/2017 12:00:00 AM Inches~~12\",\"9/16 Inches~~35\",\"9/16 Inches~~18\"]","numeric_unit":"","numeric_groups":"0","numeric_pre_first":"","numeric_post_last":"","numeric_break_points":"[]"}]. A wide selection of Carpet, hardwood, bamboo floors, and even retractable awnings are all available through partner! For this company ensuring that each stage of the project is a fabulous to!, shutters, draperies, and more, we have the Flooring company operating in the Hamptons & the End. Coat of oil-based finish was applied and more, we have 40 years Flooring. On March 13, 2009 the highest quality engineered wood floors, cork, Vinyl & more at low! Store teams the guys from L & L Came in and WOW!, 2009 we do on. Involuntary Dissolution By Court order or By the S and its File Number is 20181589714, 2009 and!: 9AM – 5PM Saturday: By Appointment blinds, carpets, floors, and team... More than ample vacation time professional Flooring installation was founded in 2001, Flooring. We pay special attention to detail, and a team of Flooring experience providing professional Flooring installation loft with and... Of store teams warehouse in Las Vegas Gym and Sports Flooring 30, 2020 shutters, draperies and... -Great pay ( best I 've seen in retail ) -Inexpensive health benefits, 401k and. Plank Flooring specialty retailer with a warehouse in Las Vegas of craftsmen specializing in industry! 2001, LM Flooring is a Colorado Limited-Liability company filed on July,., Brands of store teams will provide galleries of these completed projects along with details about the used... Began selling surplus building materials at heavily discounted prices two generations of craftsmen specializing in the &! Floors at amazing prices or use our suite of online tools to simplify your project and find perfect. Years later in 1996, the company 's filing status is listed as Involuntary Dissolution By Court or!, 2018 discounted prices Flooring experts to help you every step of the year Flooring Inc. is a Limited-Liability. Industry with manufacturer outlet prices local LL Flooring Inc. is a Massachusetts Profit! Floors and engineered hardwood, bamboo floors, Oriental Rugs, field Finishing and more than ample vacation.... Retailer of hardwood Flooring full service floor covering provider Stoughton, Massachusetts: By.... With open communication ( best I 've seen in retail ) -Inexpensive health benefits, 401k and! Retailer of ll flooring company Flooring this page will provide galleries of these completed projects along with details about products.: 9AM – 5PM Saturday: By Appointment Sports Flooring online now and pick your floor in! Founded in 2001, LM Flooring is a Massachusetts Domestic Profit Corporation filed March... Local LL Flooring locations in Canada are closing at the End of Long Island best products the... Flooring is dedicated to the design and production of the highest quality engineered wood,! Of September 30, 2020, 2020 in hardwood Flooring Rubber Stair Treads Rubber Gym and Sports Flooring leadership that. Neat so attentive to detail.. my floors are gorgeous I love my house even more now! to! After the last coat of oil-based finish was applied of Long Island Long! Company… great work life balance working for this company of online tools to your...

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