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// ]]>. JuiceBox Pro works well with ALL EVs as it utilises a standard  Type 2 connector and a charging protocol that has been adopted by all EV manufacturers and has many years experience supporting tens of thousands of installed stations across the world. Some energy providers offer or will offer time of use (TOU) rate schedules to their customers who are EV drivers. Find out more about our return&refund policy. Submit a request. All rights reserved | Enel X VAT 09945270966, {{#link 'help_center'}}{{help_center.name}}{{/link}}, Next Gen JuiceBox Installation Video - English, Next Gen JuiceBox Installation Video - Spanish, Next Gen JuiceBox Installation Video - Canadian French. $('.myIframe').css('height', $("document").height()+'px'); Next Gen JuiceBox 40 Data Sheet; Next Gen JuiceBox Manual Open Manual in new window . JuiceBox 40, the best-selling smart home charging station, combines speed, performance and value.

Free delivery in Germany, ~5 m output cable with Type 2 standard EV charging plug, Safely manage charging of multiple vehicles -. JuiceNet GmbH is a subsidiary of Enel X Inc., an Enel Group Company. Set charging schedules so that your EV avoids consuming electricity at peak times. High charging speed, up to 22 kW (3-phase) / 7.4 kW (1-phase) at 32 A, Full JuiceNet app and web-based charging control, LED indication for power, connectivity and charging status, Voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Durable, fireproof and weatherproof metal case, by Christopher R. Arndton on November 05, 2018, 1 m input  pigtail (outdoor rated CSA @ 10 mm2 cable with flex conduit, Full JuiceNet charging controls and monitoring, An aluminum quick-release mounting bracket.

With the JuiceNet-enabled Pro enjoy energy usage reporting (mobile and web portal), WiFi connectivity, charge scheduling, notifications, smartphone app and unprecedented product reliability. I never leave reviews, but I will for this. Connect Next Gen JuiceBox to WiFi ; Next Gen JuiceBox Manual; Next Gen JuiceBox LED Indicator; Next Gen JuiceBox Installation Video - English; Next Gen JuiceBox Installation Video - Spanish ... Next Gen JuiceBox 40 Data Sheet; Next Gen JuiceBox 40 Data Sheet Download PDF . Next-Gen_JuiceBox_40_2020_01_03.pdf. Your JuiceBox will act as a standard charging unit in absence of WiFi and any schedules or limits you set when connected to the JuiceBox will remain even if the JuiceBox is disconnects from WiFi. Was this article helpful? To create a Juicebox gallery you can use our desktop application JuiceboxBuilder , or you can use a Juicebox Plugin for Photoshop, Lightroom, WordPress, Picasa and … Yes, you can adjust the maximum charging power limit in the JuiceNet app or in the dashboard settings. Become eligible for demand response and other energy programs in your region (coming in Europe in 2019). Will I be eligible for any incentives after purchasing a JuiceNet EVSE? Use Juicebox to add fully featured image galleries to your website, with no coding required. $('.myIframe').css('width', $(".article-body").width()+'px'); Related articles. The energy sector is changing: new technologies, concern for the environment and digitalisation have transformed the requirements and needs of the public and private sectors. [CDATA[ I researched all of our options for a level 2 charger for our Chevy Bolt and this came highly recommended. What are the advantages of having WiFi connectivity? Charges my car just how I want it to. Have more questions? Track energy usage, allowing you to view your charging history and extract accurate energy data. Quite possibly.

The best feature is that it helps calculate how much you’re saving which is always nice to see. Off peak charging and total control. Why is JuiceBox better than other products on the market? Juicebox is a complete web image gallery solution. JuiceBox Pro 32 is a compact, high power and fully ruggedised electric vehicle charging station with advanced WiFi control and smart grid features. The energy sector is changing: new technologies, concern for the environment and digitalisation have transformed the requirements and needs of the public and private sectors.

* Shipped within 1 - 3 business days. Yes, JuiceBox is CE compliant according to EN 65851-1 and -22 and corresponding international IEC standards. You will need a WiFi connection in order to use the smart charging features. Please refer to local laws and regulations.

I am giving them 5 stars because I wrote their customer service a question email and it was responded to, with the information I was looking for, in less than an hour. //

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