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Re: How hard is it to make partner in Antitrust? If you take a career position at an agency, you'll probably have to stay longer before being able to reenter private practice a..., Re: Public Defender Applications - 2021     by: Anonymous User   on: November 5, at 3:29:09 am   in: Public Interest & Government Discussion forums to discuss Canadian law schools and law school admissions, LSAT preparation, ongoing legal education, and the practice of law in Canada. Or any helpful tips. Corporate Associates: How do you make a career plan to exit?

Final registration deadline is August 15, 2019. It wasn't about gaps in their knowledge, but inability to understand what was in front of them., Law School Acceptances, Denials, and Waitlists, Talk About Law School Visits, Open Houses, Admit Days, Re: H1B Interested in Switching Practice Need Advice, Re: PSA: Do not pay full price for a bar course. All registrants will receive a receipt upon checkout. I believe all big 4 have us tax desk in London, HK/Singapore,UAE, Australia or some major market etc. I'm not sure what it costs to run the exam (room rental, supplies, protectors,etc) but assuming that they aren't slush funding any profits, how else could that overhead be paid for if fees were reduced to applicants ? Poland is part of the Schengen Area, a zone without controls on internal borders which comprises of 28 countries. Also, general advice for how to succeed as a first year is welcome., Re: Is the quality of education different at different tiers?
Re: Firms involved in election litigation. Work-life balance has been pretty bad (60+ hour weeks, unpredictable schedule). Re: 2021-2022 Clerkship Application Thread, Re: USC Dean accidently reveals who failed the 2020 bar, Re: Honors Attorney Program 2020-2021 (non-DOJ), Executive Director Of Psychiatric Security Review Board.

In Board 3.0: An Introduction, we sketch the case for a new board structure as an option for public company boards. Goodwin Boston CB came in for me btw, WMU is considering ending its relationship with Cooley Law School     by: AdminMegan   on: November 5, at 5:18:02 am   in: Choosing a Law School So don't read anything into the fact that you haven't heard anything just yet! When I interviewed for my current position, people made general comments about work-life balance being better than a firm. in election rights litigation this cycle (I can't speak to prior ones). Experience offers insight into each of these questions, without finally resolving them. @fedjudges on Twitter is some anonymous lawyer who posts a lot of bl..., Re: USC Dean accidently reveals who failed the 2020 bar     by: AdminMegan   on: November 6, at 11:27:26 am   in: Bar Exam Prep and Discussion Forum

Anon bc I interviewed with them and had a recruiter Obviously their comp starts at 190k but I didn’t get the sense (or confirmation) that they pay market bonuses. That's what we signed up for. by: nixy   on: November 3, at 4:21:53 pm   in: Choosing a Law School Consovoy and Jones Day DC have strong right-wing emphases so they probably won't surprise anyone. Received offer after 3 days (phone interviews). Nevertheless, when companies fall short in monitoring management’s business acumen or compliance obligations, we have also seen a recurrent response: place even greater demands on the very board whose structural inadequacies gave rise to the monitoring failure, for example, the Millennium accounting scandals that gave rise to Sarbanes-Oxley and the 2008 Financial Crisis that led to Dodd-Frank. Special thanks to Dean, Dr. Wojciech Zalewski, and the wonderful faculty, staff and students for all the arrangements they have made to make our participation in the meeting so memorable. Often, these questions apply at key points in the processes of negotiation and decision-making. It’s not like you have the money they seek. You are mistaken Even many lawyers do not qualify to be patent agents (albeit one can, and many are, both), it's a totally separate animal:, Re: Public Defender Applications - 2021     by: Anonymous User   on: November 4, at 1:42:19 am   in: Public Interest & Government Not huge, nut noticeable. Allegedly there was a 1900s case on it only being needed if commercial vs ..., Re: What Changes would you make to the Bar Exam? Not sure what prices are like there but assuming cheaper than DC, Chitown, NYC etc.

Saving as much as I wou..., Re: What's the deal with holidays and COVID? a year and a half you could have your green card and, with it, the added flexibility of working for any employer without the extra hurdle of visa/green card sponsorship., Re: Solo Practice Q&A     by: Jinjuice   on: November 8, at 6:22:26 am   in: Small & Midsized Firms Look them up and look at the MTO people you'll be working with.

Just throwing in a point for Wilmington. If your institution is not listed, you will automatically be charged the non-member fee. Or any helpful tips. There sounds like there may be a lot of factors involved in this OP, if you are 1L then maybe quit.
by: blair.waldorf   on: November 7, at 7:05:42 am   in: Bar Exam Prep and Discussion Forum Already below market. If you feel strongly about it, don't apply, but don't complain if you are debt-fucked post graduation. If that’s the rule and biglaw partners are the ones doi..., Re: Mention billables on lateral resume/cover letter? Some CRAZY LEVEL GOOD ones.

This happens all the time with supervisors in employment suits. by: RandomInternetPerson   on: November 4, at 4:20:27 pm   in: Choosing a Law School Non-banking F100 financial company in NY$115k base$10k signing bonusUp to $8200 performance bonus9% 401k contribution (automatic 3% plus up to an additional 6% match)Great healthcare, generous PTO, etc.No equity0 years experience, straight out of school, Re: Public Defender Applications - 2021     by: samanthaestepa1   on: November 4, at 7:20:57 am   in: Public Interest & Government

by: RandomInternetPerson   on: November 7, at 6:58:44 am   in: Bar Exam Prep and Discussion Forum

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