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When Benjamin Locke discovered the Black Door during the Revolutionary War, he quickly realized how dangerous it was (well, okay, one of his fellow soldiers got possessed by the Children of Leng first) and used the Whispering Iron to make the Omega Key, keeping the door shut. Unfortunately, no one knows where Ellie hid the Echo Key, so instead, the kids decide to open the Black Door using the Omega Key and dump Dodge inside. However, after Sam visits Keyhouse and reveals that he's in league with Dodge, Tyler realizes that Rendell's death had nothing to do with him. Sure, there are still a few lingering loose ends, but for the most part, things are looking up. If they don't possess a human being, binding themselves to the host's soul, they die. When Tyler's former classmate, Sam Lesser, makes a crack about offing his father, Tyler jokingly asks Sam to kill Rendell, too. Benjamin went on to make a number of other keys, which he hid around Keyhouse for later generations to find. For Rendell, that was the main reason he kept his family away from Keyhouse. And we also don't see the hospital at the end of the road he takes, but we do see, in the next shot, a big building with hospital-esque structure by the highway, meaning that he is not going to the hospital. By Christopher Gates / Feb. 7, 2020 11:51 am EST Talk about a misdirect. [citation needed], It was released on 18 April 2014 in the United Kingdom,[9] where it earned $3,264,654. The Black Door is a gateway to the Children's home dimension. However, both Ellie Whedon and Rendell Locke retained their memories of the keys into adulthood. Gabe doesn't appear until after Bode gives Dodge the Anywhere Key in the first episode, and his pitch-perfect emotional manipulation of Kinsey always felt a little predatory (presumably, there was a real Gabe at some point — it doesn't seem likely that the Savinis cast a complete stranger in their movie — although he might be dead). Expect something similar to follow in season two. We know they're magic, but why are they in Keyhouse, and where did they come from? When he is close to the hospital, Bethan calls to share the cooing of the baby, having had a successful birth. If you're unclear as to how all the pieces fit together, want answers to some of Locke & Key's bigger questions, or just want some hints on where season two might head, here's what you need to know.
This isn't a site for people who just want to talk about the latest hot new movies in theaters right this minute. The show also raises new questions that the comics never dealt with. [5] Ivan Locke is the only character to appear onscreen; the others are heard on the vehicle's speakerphone, with their parts also recorded in real time (Locke's vehicle and road noise included) as they called from a conference room that served as the multiple "locations" of the various characters. In Lovecraft's works, the Plateau of Leng is the home to cannibal cultists, an abandoned city built by the godlike Old Ones, and the resting place for a race of goat-men, depending on the story. The biggest, and most obvious, is definitely race. The film stars Tom Hardy in the title role, the only character seen on screen, as he carries on a number of speakerphone conversations with characters voiced by Olivia Colman, Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott, Ben Daniels, Tom Holland and Bill Milner. I mean, this movie has all the societal landmines possible. She simply had to trick Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode into opening the door for her. [10], Rotten Tomatoes reports that 91% of 212 surveyed critics gave the film a positive review; the average rating is 7.71/10.

It was Dodge who tortured Eden using the Music Box Key. Then she drops Ellie's body, disguised as her own, and where the children can find it. Cast : Tom Hardy, Ruth Wilson, Andrew Scott, Robert Jarosinski: Jury Member, Narrative Features. Duncan, the kids' friendly uncle, has very little to do in season one, but plays a much bigger role as the story progresses, and if you think Dodge is finished with Bode, just wait. For Ellie, that knowledge led her to use the Echo key to summon Dodge, which resulted in Rendell's murder and all the chaos that followed. They actually turn into a substance known as Whispering Iron. Almost the entire film takes place within a BMW X5, which was pulled down the M6 motorway on a low flatbed trailer for most of the shoot. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. The youngest Locke sibling is now connected to Rendell's legacy through Keyhouse and the magic keys, which Rendell also used as a boy.
Even for comic book readers, it's hard to tell exactly where Netflix's Locke & Key is headed.

Next, Dodges uses the Crown of Shadows to summon an army and leads an attack on Keyhouse. Kinsey copes with her shame by literally removing her fear from her head, but only forgives herself once Tyler points out that she wasn't able to stop Sam because she was too busy protecting Bode. Still, it's not like Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode ended Locke & Key season one on a completely down note. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Still, so far the mythology of the series remains largely intact, meaning the comics are a good place to turn to answer some of the show's lingering questions. Who would've guessed that 80 minutes of Tom Hardy driving would be so … What makes Alternate Ending different from other film sites and podcasts? ➡️. [3] On 25 April 2014 it opened in the United States and earned $1,375,769. But they're not enough to help the film make the jump from a worthy experiment if you're in …

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