mandalay hill

The climb takes 30 minutes, but much longer if you allow for stops en route. Tourists can pay homage to several prominent pagodas on the hill such as Sutaungpyi pagoda on the top of the hill, Sandamuni pagoda and Kuthodaw pagoda at the foot of the hill. At the top of the hill is the Sutaungpyei Pagoda. Every one who arrived in Mandalay, the ancient capital of Myanmar, usually goes to Mandalay Hill, the landmark of Mandalay, which overlooks the city.

The Mandalay Hill is surrounded by the nine satellite hills called the Shwe Taung ( The Golden Hill), the Ngwe Taung ( the Silver Hill ), the Paddamya Taung ( the Ruby Hill ), the Hse-dan Taung ( the Hill of Arsenious trisulphide), the Myin Thila Taung ( the Hill of Arsenic trisulphide ), the Dokhta Hill ( the Hill of Blue vitriol), the Ye-hle Taung ( the Hill of Whirling Water), the Kye-ni Hill ( the Copper Hill ) and the Baluma Taung ( the Hill of the Ogress ). Further up, there are windowless ruins of a three-storey stone fortress behind Myatsawnyinaung Ordination Hall. And to pay homage to the pagoda along the way makes one live long. It means that as climbing to the Mandalay hill on foot is good for health.

The 954 feet-high hill is a hallowed complex indeed as it is covered with pagodas, images of the Buddha and some other aspects of Buddhism. That’s the sort of display that might have alarmed the more squeamish, but according to legend her feat of self-mutilation impressed the Buddha so much that he ensured her reincarnation 2400 years later as King Mindon. A motorway up the hill has been recently constructed and trees have been planted all over the hill as part of the greening of the city. Motorcycle taxis typically charge K3000 up and K2000 down (even though the down route is much further due to a long one-way loop). There are two southern stairways. One souvenir of the visit to the hill is the unforgettable vista of an eastern city seen from above the hill, especially at sunset. Scholars calculated that to mean 1857, the year that King Mindon did indeed decree the capital’s move from Amarapura to Mandalay. The fabulous panoramic view of Mandalay city and… Read More »Mandalay Hill Like Sagaing not far away, Mandalay Hill hosts a cluster of monasteries and convents. It is dotted with pagodas and Buddhist temples and Mandalay city is popular with the harmonizing beauty of Mandalay Hill. The summit viewpoint is especially popular at sunset, when young monks converge on foreigners for language practice. Email: - Website: -, Myanmar Office: No 24/26 (5-A) Thukha Street, Myaynigone North, Sanchaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar, Tel: (+95 9) 421 131 328 - Email:, Copyright © 2020 Myanmar Tours Us - Operated by Ciao Asia Travel Co., Ltd, International Tour Operator License: 01-653/TCDL-GPLHQT, Ciao Asia Travel is the leading tour operator providing premium Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam holidays 2019, Kandawgyi Lake of Mandalay & Pyi Gyi Mon Royal Barge, We are internationally registered, well-recognized, Our service is personalized, customized at its best. Tel (95) 9799 230 125

The long walk up is the traditional way to get to the top, but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. The ideal time to visit this play is from November to the upcoming February when the weather is dry and nice. Further up, behind the forgettable Myatsawnyinaung Ordination Hall, are the windowless ruins of a three-storey stone fortress retaken from the Japanese by Britain’s Royal Berkshire Regiment in a battle in 1945. The giant Chinthes are guarding the gates. It lies from north to south, its altitude being 236.5m above sea level and its height going up to 167.64m. One of the main attractions of Mandalay to visitors is Mandalay Hill, probably owing to its mystical religious background. The third is called the Paddamya Taung since a ruby was some time ago found in that hill lying to the north west; the seventh one, the Ye-hle Taung since, in the rainy season, the rain water whirled first and flowed down like a funnel in the hill to east; and the ninth hill, the Baluma Taung, since it was believed that the Ogress Sanda Mukhi made her abode in the small hill near to the western passageway. There’s also parking most of the way up. Like Sagaing not far away, Mandalay Hill hosts a cluster of monasteries and convents. But as I soon learned, in this case, they really are asking for nothing more than a chance to practice their English and chat. From the upper car park, both a lift and an escalator tower should be able to whisk you up to the hilltop. With the summit of 230m above the surrounding plain, Mandalay Hill is like a natural watch tower of Mandalay region.

You can pay homage to prominent pagodas along the stairway of Mandalay Hill. Mandalay Office This "wish-granting" pagoda was often renovated by its patrons, the Konbaung kings, in later years. The two routes converge, then climb to a shrine building containing a large standing buddha, whose outstretched arm points towards the royal palace. Mandalay Hill is one of the must-go attraction when you arrive at Mandalay, Myanmar. For the last little bit, there are escalators. Virtually all visitors and pilgrims to Mandalay either climb the 1,729 steps of the covered southern stairway with its magnificent guardian chinthe (half-lion, half-dragon) at the entry, use stairways on the other sides or use easier means and take the escalator, cars or buses to the top. There are four stairways going up the Mandalay Hill, two on the north and on the west, and two on the south. Mandalay Hill St, the winding one-way road for vehicles that begins at the corner of 10th and 68th Sts, is busy with locals jogging, walking and riding bikes up the steep switchbacks in the late afternoon. From its top, and from several way stations along the ascent, one has a magnificent panorama of the city, the old Royal Palace and Fortress, as well as the Ayeyarwady river and the distant Shan Hills. The 954 feet-high hill is a hallowed complex indeed as it is covered with pagodas, images of the Buddha and some other aspects of Buddhism.

Copyright Office. I was a bit taken aback at first that the monks were so forthright in engaging tourists.

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