memories before being born

Possible pre-birth remembrance while awake but deep in thought. OBEs Dreams with interesting possible past life remembrances.

Francine N Experience  3/27/2017 I remember before I came to earth. I knock on any door I can find. There was no danger of my getting lost or hurt. It happened. Pre-birth remembrance with OBE observations later verified. 4/4/2020 She rushed to go downstairs, trembling all the way just as I did in my reoccurring dream. 975-992. The rest is lost and learned all over again. I personally think I remember choosing this life. 8/12/2018 & 12/14/18 From the U.K. Experience shared 66 years later. 8. This was all preformed with the knowledge that I was perfect and loved by all who attended the ceremony prior to my coming to earth. Jules M Experience  8/12/2013 After maybe a hundred or so life episodes, a fixed scene reminding me of a   Picasso cartoon like drawing of I didn't know what, and said  aloud "what's this" and he replied "Oh, you came from another galaxy" and then the scene in my head changed to an image of a red binary star, then a view of a planet, first an image of it  with the red binary sun in the background, and then a closer view like from a few hundred miles above this planet's surface, notable  features were few, little variation in elevation with lakes large and small scattered about. 11. I've not had the dream since I was young, but remember it vividly even today. 29. Jung hit upon his theory of the collective unconscious during psychoanalysis of his patients’ dreams. I originally posted this as a comment on r/astralprojection , but figured out since this sub is purely about reincarnation there is a better chance of finding someone with a similar experience. Then I remember flying over the town and city towards the north.

Sometimes, I even dream about it. Suzanne P Experience 3/13/11 My earliest memory was just before birth and suddenly indescribable light and whirling around. Pre-existence, preexistence, beforelife, or premortal existence is the belief that each individual human soul existed before mortal conception, and at some point before birth enters or is placed into the body. The nature of these reports is consistent with how an infant encounters the world. I was repeatedly trying to get her attention with "Mom! I also remember being carried by my mother to a birthday party, unclear if it was mine. 12/31/2019 Thank you so much for your most interesting early memory. That theory posits that the usual absence of very early memories is due to the lack of verbal encoding to store the experiences in a format that will enable retrieval later in adult after language is developed.
19. I wish I could remember what prompted me to want to run away. Open to speaking more if anyone is interested in me further. I remember being in a the most wonderful state of peace and love that even to this day I have never felt anything close to. Now I am sure there's more than this simple, human life. My mother was holding me in her arms, my dad standing near us while we were standing on a dirt path near a lake. The sky was white, but a different shade than the plateau, which had a pale blue undertone to it. Details were later confirmed. 14. Birth remembrance during Reiki session. When I looked up at my mom, she gave me a teaspoonful of coffee. There was a kindly older male figure there with me. Then I remember my first real feeling of real pain. Also randomly I have a very keen sense of smell too. Much has been written, and many anecdotes recorded, of the near-death experience (NDE). Human experience is universal and the formation of narrative itself innate. Your memory is extraordinary in a number of respects. There were pink and blue clouds as far as I could see. You referred to changing location and having had both positive and negative experiences. If they were important enough to keep, perhaps they do make a difference in our lives.
They had no idea that I had been gone. One of the most interesting unanswered questions about very early memories is why certain events are remembered, while the large majority of our early experiences are not. By reading this website you agree to do no harm to yourself or others. It is difficult to explain the feeling of how I was ‘tricked’ into investing all this love in something which would turn it into such painful feelings. That dream was about my life. Lisette B Experience Again, much was communicated, but these three sentences are the only specific words I clearly remember. It's impossible to know, but it is likely that your mental rehearsal was an effort to understand the events in your life. It isn't always clear that the memory is for the actual experience or from a slightly later time when memory of the experience was rehearsed, encountered again, or learned from other people's recounting of an event. The three syllable word memory was indeed a story repeated to me, and I am aware that my recollection could be constructed from the tale. Your account of learning that your mother couldn't read your mind or know your thoughts illustrates how infants learn from experience in order to advance beyond magical thinking. I was standing at our big living room window, and my mother was kneeling next to me with her arm around me.

Thank you for reminding us that we should treasure the moments we spend with others. The pre-birth experience seems to "remember" an existence in the same or similar plane of existence described by NDErs. I remember asking questions about them and why I was given the ability to choose. To some extent, young children are observers in that they have very little control over their lives. During the course of this experience I was able to learn things about my birth which were unknown to me. I remember riding the bikes and how one had a really big front tire that made it faster. 5/13/2018 By this she meant they learned language very early and had an intrinsic interest in reading and writing. my spiritual hand in an up to down motion with intent and confidence and They said when my mum was pregnant with me she we't to a certain clinic a lot to have ultra sounds and it was a pretty colourful place seems as it is in maternity wards. In other words, it’s highly unlikely that you will suddenly remember your great-great-grandfather’s wedding day or your great-great-grandmother’s struggle in childbirth. 76. They told me this was the last time. In modern times, Noam Chomsky, an influential American linguist, is famous for having put forward a theory that has an element of genetic semantic memory at its core. The story of the movie is farfetched: there is no evidence or credible scientific theory suggesting that we can inherit specific episodic memories of events that our ancestors experienced. There was this white light and I moved through it, at the end of the white light there was a birds eye view of my body crawling. I want to point out that my initial question of "Do you love me" was a serious question; the series of "Do you love me more than____?" I simply existed like this for what seems now like a few moments, although time had no relevance in that place. I don't know for sure what he said to me since I couldn't understand language at the time but I could think in concepts or feelings such as I could easily tell if someone was talking in a loving way, sad way or angry way.

Most of our earliest memories occur around the age of 3 or 4. Concepts of pre-existence can encompass either the belief that the soul came into existence at some time prior to conception or the belief that the soul is eternal. While checking on the patient, Taylor is accidentally exposed to a psychedelic drug that unlocks memories of a killer that committed murders many years before Taylor was born. Many of the events remembered in what came to be called "flashbulb memories" are traumatic (e.g., assassinations, natural disasters, etc.). Recalling such a detailed specific memory from approximately 1 year old is remarkable. I eve wanted to write a book, but not sure if it is interesting for others to read memories smth like 'i hated when I was wrapped in the sheets tight" ))). I watched, experienced, and participated in the action that unfolded, through the perspective, body, senses, and emotions of a particular gentleman, who as an adult I was able to identify as L.W.R.

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