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This helped me.’ I was very disappointed in Victoria, as a fellow cancer sufferer, that she wasn’t curious.

It’s actually at least 75m.”. He credited an electromagnetic pulse device with curing his prostate cancer. It wasn’t until 2017, 12 years later, that he spoke publicly of his suicide attempt. The presenter, famous for Deal Or No Deal, felt so down after the collapse of his business in 2005 that he attempted to take his own life. “It was, without a shadow of a doubt, created by the political elite – who, of course, are not the people we vote for, but the ones who really run the country. “Maybe being on TV was just my job.

Pulse Electro Magnetism may have been able to help her as well. “But I actually think you can lead a happier life if you think, ‘I wanted that to happen, I prayed for that to happen and if it didn’t perhaps I have to accept that it just wasn’t supposed to happen.’ You don’t just stop believing in something because it doesn’t always work.”. In recent years he has made appearances on shows including This Morning to talk about how he believes negative energy can cause cancer.

Sometimes you just have to accept that an illness is terminal,”), to Nigel Farage (“You might as well ask me what I think about semolina!”), to The Jeremy Kyle Show (“Is this what TV shows are supposed to do now? But I was never going to fit into a 1,000-boy school that was designed to just train people up for university. Food is very tightly regulated because it has to be, for obvious reasons. But then the triangle was broken. If people think I am a failure because I am not on telly every day, that is their problem.”, Edmonds is in Edinburgh to attend Lloyds bank’s AGM. I live in a lovely part of France. “Brexit is the best example of how the regime needed to control the population by creating a distraction,” he says. House Party’s NTV feature turned the cameras on viewers watching the show in their front rooms long before Gogglebox. In a statement, EMPpad Ltd, manufacturers of the device, strongly distanced themselves from this claim. The 70-year-old presenter first laid eyes on his spouse on … ", “But having been cast into that bottomless dark space devoid of logic and reason, I have a much deeper understanding of life without hope.". NOEL Edmonds had a taste of life Down Under during his stint on I'm A Celebrity - and now he's moved to New Zealand permanently to front a radio show about plants. A show with his Jungle sidekick Harry Redknapp is said to be in production, but, “I have another life. Noel Edmonds ’ wife Liz has dubbed him and Harry Redknapp “the Chuckle Brothers” – but has worries about her husband’s normally immaculate beard. He asks me how many people I think are living in the UK. That’s what always drives me: creating stuff that will entertain people. When 14m people in Britain are living at or below the poverty line?”. In 2016, Edmonds tweeted cancer patient Vaun Norman to ask him whether his illness might have been caused by negative thinking. “All I did was introduce a negative energy into your system [the phone] – but Noel Edmonds is fucking stupid and crazy!” For a moment, anger flashes in his eyes. "The only way I can describe it is it is the darkest space that the human mind ever occupies. He spoke of how he even wrote a letter to his ex-wife in an interview for ITV news, revealing: "My world imploded. On House Party, his Gotcha Oscars set the bar for celebrity pranking, a format that has been mimicked ever since (not least, and by their own admission, by Ant and Dec). He could bring down a bank. Resist. I am going to ensure that the small group of UK bankers that brought 12 years of austerity and deprivation upon the British people will go to prison. “People are always asking me that,” he says. And as for farewells – we have a pretty good idea how many people are buried or cremated each year.” It doesn’t quite explain how he has managed to accurately gauge the UK population, but this is classic Edmonds: creating a diversion, inventing an acronym and packaging it up in unswerving conviction. “The triangle is a very important shape. Are you happy with the roads or the high-speed train going to Birmingham that’s 20 minutes quicker? “It’s the three ‘F’s’ – food, faeces and farewells. And that, in the end, is his secret. Can he clarify his position? Lloyds has said that its compensation scheme is “on track” and it has started making payments to some of those affected. I think my friends are going to be absolutely stunned.”, I’m A Celebrity is on ITV, tonight at 9pm. All I said was: ‘D’you know what? Isn’t it fun?”, I ask him to explain exactly what he thinks just happened to my arm. I’m not going to tell you where the gold is buried until you come over to my side.”, He says he doesn’t watch much TV and isn’t particularly bothered about being on it. One major turning point was the 2005 collapse of his entertainment company, Unique Group – an umbrella for various production companies that owned the rights to, among other things, Mr Blobby and Telly Addicts. “When I was invited on Desert Island Discs by Roy Plomley [in 1978] my dad finally started to think that I had a proper job,” he says. House Party, his madcap teatime show featuring sidekick Mr Blobby and the fictional village of Crinkley Bottom, reached a peak of 15 million viewers on BBC One. Only this time I find that I cannot: he pulls my arm up easily. Please be kind, don’t be judgemental. Blimey. Other hosts might have been funny or lightly mocked the format, but Edmonds takes everything he does deeply seriously. In 1969, aged 20, he became the youngest disc jockey Radio 1 had ever hired. Was this maverick Noel Edmonds always there, carefully hidden to preserve his status as Mr Saturday Night? Then he switches into faux-zany, beaming at me intensely and saying: “Do you know why I am stupid? These days, he is almost as famous for his controversial opinions – about the benefits of pulse electromagnetism or the power of positive thought to tackle cancer (of which more later) – as he is for his presenting talents. However, Noel has repeatedly urged Lloyds to speed up the process. Edmonds was then invited on to This Morning to explain his comments: he told a sceptical Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that he had bought a £2,315 device called an EMPpad which helped “tackle” cancer; he later explained it worked by “recalibrating all the blood cells and readjusting the electromagnetism in your body”.

“Because Noel Edmonds doesn’t know all the answers – all he’s done is go off, gather facts, acquire knowledge and he’s formed an opinion.”, It’s getting late but Edmonds is becoming more energised. “I heard the other disc jockeys on Radio Caroline, and saw the other presenters on TV, and simply thought, ‘I could do that,’” he says. Are you happy with the schools?

They certainly loom large in his conversation.

“But I aspired to create the same amount of original content as him. Edmonds flew in from the south of France this morning excited by the prospect of causing chaos at an AGM that will be livestreamed around the world. reached a peak of 15 million viewers on BBC One, They were given lengthy jail sentences in 2017. And I put the hours in.”, Edmonds’ shows were rich in the sort of segments that were rare at the time: prerecorded comic characters, prank phone calls and stunts. “No, never. “I am on one now,” he admits. What made him so sure? I’ve always wanted to be different.

“It actually started as I was filming with Dec earlier in the year and he said ‘Ah you should do the Jungle’,” he said. As he pulls, he says loudly: “Resist. He opines on anything and everything, from the BBC (“It will die in my lifetime. And if that is my legacy, then I would prefer it to being Mr Blobby’s friend.”.

Then suddenly these new pirate stations were playing it round the clock – it felt like we were in America.”, In 1969, aged 20, he became the youngest disc jockey Radio 1 had ever hired (a record that stood until 1999). I ask him where he gets his information from. “If a customer says they are considering taking their own life, we must take action to protect them. NOEL'S House PLANT PARTY Noel Edmonds launches radio station for plants after moving to New Zealand. He revealed: “Until these criminals took me to the brink of emotional annihilation, I had always felt those who opt out by taking their own lives were selfish and cowardly.

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