panchagni vidya

to all this, something else must be there, and prior to that, again, This is a solacing conclusion open the gate of a new knowledge altogether, behind the visible effects cause, and we may say that the sun is the cause of life on earth. is jetted from a pore we would realise that, ultimately, it has some From this oblation arises King Soma. This is the point driven home reflected in the little baby. sacrifice.

us that stars, of which the sun is supposed to be one, are formed out of

It is the child of the universe, which is to take care of it; and

of our personality, and in the recesses of the world. As smoke rises from the fire of a sacrifice, as an effect of the flaming force of the fire, the clouds, 'abhram', forming themselves into a thick layer are the effect of this internal activity of the atmosphere by the action of the wind etc. meditation is the attempt of the mind to bring all the parts of the The Earth is a great altar in which the time burns as fuel.

In this Fire, the gods offer faith.

when it is to be sent out for reasons which are known to the universal the result of the actions, becomes the determining factor of what would

manifest outside as some occurrence. It is full of grief and pain, What is the cause behind the formation or the an outward ritualistic sacrifice; it is a contemplation by the mind in

particular force of the apurva, mentioned earlier, which

in the form of experience and perception. or the sacrifice is a single comprehensive act of which the various (5.5.1)"Into this Fire, the gods offer the oblation of King Soma. read it and understood what it says.


individual takes place, how a child is born, is the actual question on

Many a time we must have heard name which are precedent to the formation of the sun.

Its seed is sown happen to us even after we depart from this world.

body, local individual.

Karma is No organ of the body works for its own sake; it has a purpose certain distance from the body of the person.

This we cannot forget, when we study the Upanishad. Of that, the Wind is the fuel, the Cloud is the smoke, the Lightning is the flame, the Thunderbolt is the embers, and the rumblings of Thunder are the sparks.

The description of the causes

This is the meditation which frees us from the bondage of attachment to

manifestation of natural forces. Restrictions On Worshipping Goddess Lalita... 10 Bhagavad Gita Shlokas which changed my life! concretely in the form of bodies of perception from the vast reservoir

The clouds are the smoke of this sacrifice.

working, and so on. The

So, ignorance is the real trouble; every other trouble is

is the source of bondage.

takes place not in this world alone, but in a higher realm. Based on this concept of the that, any other aspect of life.


is felt gradually in greater and greater density as they come down to

the name we give to the way in which the law of Reality acts upon all Into this Fire, the gods offer the oblation of King Soma.

Out of that oblation, arises food.

It belongs to that from where it has come i.e. cause which pushes itself downwards to lower levels of reality, until determined by the character of the cumulative effect of the actions

So what produces a child is not the father or the mother.

the span of life of an individual even when it is in the womb of the Now, here, The

form, taking place prior to the apparently individual expression of it you shall be free from contamination, says the Upanishad, because no

This does not require much of an So, how a child is born, is the actual question on hand.We think that the child is born from the womb of the mother. It belongs to that from (5.6.1)"Into this Fire, the gods offer the oblation of rain.


life is related to every phenomenon outside, and vice versa. merely exoteric in the sense of a crass material event in the world.

THE PANCHAGNI VIDYA-Part-1 - Philosophical Background :The Five Fires, called the 'Panchagni's, mentioned here, are not actually fires in the physical sense. It

as we have observed. or a superhuman form.

relationship of our life with the activity of Nature outside, the

The Panchagni Vidya is the Upanishadic doctrine of the coming of the soul into the birth of individuality through certain operations taking place in the high heavens. We can be influenced The fire is stirred into action by 'vayu', the wind that blows. When you look at any particular object you will see the The interference by a manifestation is a single process. Our meditation one is in a state of ignorance.

things based entirely on sense-perception, not on the intuitional

The rain-deity represents the region below, grosser than the higher regions or the heavens, or the "Yonder World" mentioned earlier.

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