plutocracy vs aristocracy

Hasa has a BA degree in English, French and Translation studies. . These councils were led by a chief magistrate, called an ‘archon’.

The word Aristocracy comes from the Greek word 'aristokratia' which means 'rule of the best'. . While in Aristocracy, Majority Rule is not present. Aristocracy is hereditary since children inherit aristocratic status from their parents. I think it's mostly a distinction of what …

Plutocracy is a self-reinforcing system.

This term is often used in an insulting way to refer to an unfair system.

Some of the modern aristocracies are regarded as plutocracies. The same holds true for an oligarchy, where the powerful clique mostly indulges in ‘behind-the-throne’ politics, by projecting a puppet leader as the face of the government, and using brutal repression to keep the masses in control. What is Plutocracy     – Definition, Characteristics2. What is Aristocracy     – Definition, Characteristics3. An aristocracy is based on the basic presumption that all men are not equal. Aristocracy vs Oligarchy Oligarchy and aristocracy are classical regimes or forms of government discussed by Plato, the Greek philosopher. It is obvious from the above comparison that all three systems give political power only to a restricted group of people, which is not healthy for the development of a modern society.

A government with rule by privileged group. “163497” (CC0) via Pixabay2.

Aristocracy, government by a relatively small privileged class or by a minority consisting of those presumed to be best qualified to rule. This term was first used by Greeks to describe a system where only the best of the citizens were chosen to rule through a careful process of selection. Capitalism rewards those who gain wealth using what they own: if you own a ship, you can use it to bring your goods to foreign lands and sell them at high prices. These two types of government are differentiated based on factors like definition, ideologies, characteristics, structure, etc.

Others argue that it’s unjust because the children themselves didn’t earn the money, but only inherited it. And this has happened in many places; Florence is a notable example, as the incredibly wealthy Medici family effectively ruled the city for much of the 15th and 16th centuries.

A plutocracy is rule by the wealthy and powerful. Thus, both, a plutocracy and an aristocracy are different forms of an oligarchy. Plutocracy can refer to a government exclusively controlled by wealthy people either directly or indirectly. These cookies do not store any personal information. Also, many spheres of modern life, including scientific research, business, and bureaucratic offices, are all dominated by talented individuals in the respective field. “[The popular conception of capitalism] is posed abstractly as the freedom of the individual from government control . For example, the Anglo-Saxons leaders had to earn their followers through generosity and by leading men successfully in battle. The chances of rebellion are higher. People are justly concerned about the fact that a tiny percentage of the population has the vast majority of the wealth, and obviously this gives them political power, and it does get used. In a few cases, these aristocrats may serve as advisers to a monarch. The word plutocracy comes from the greek word ploutos which means wealthy and kratos which means power or dominion rule. Government ruled and dominated by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens since 16th century, Ancient form of government which nobility rule, Of all forms of tyranny the least attractive and the most vulgar is the tyranny of mere wealth, the tyranny of plutocracy. They are unelected, and all of them have degrees in finance, though most of them are not personally wealthy. A plutocracy does not always mean that wealthy individuals are directly involved in the administration. The other forms of government discussed by him are Timocracy, democracy, and tyranny. Today, plutocracy is hotly-debated—the question of whether one nation or another is becoming plutocratic — a concern not only in capitalist countries like the UK and the USA, but also in post-Communist countries like Russia and China, and neutral countries like India. For example, there have been many tribal societies in which the leader is the person who gives away the most, not the person who owns the most. Imagine now that you acquire a whole fleet of ships and that your children inherit them when you die. In a plutocracy, the government is exclusively controlled by wealthy people whereas, in an aristocracy, the government is controlled by nobles. Here, wealthy individuals may not always directly involve in the administration of the country, but they will influence the administration and decision-makers by legal and illegal methods such as bribing, sponsoring election campaigns, and lobbying. When you compare Plutocracy vs Aristocracy structure the factors to be considered are majority rule, succession, presence of parliament and constitution.

1. Therefore, under capitalism, any individual may be able to acquire enough wealth to influence politics in their favor. He believed aristocracy to be the best form of governance with tyranny being the worst. It is also important to note plutocracy is not exactly an accepted political system or a form of government in the modern world. Because ‘best qualified to rule’ is an evaluative notion, however, it is difficult to distinguish objectively between aristocratic and oligarchic or timocratic governments. Both plutocracy and aristocracy are two forms of oligarchy, which refers to the rule by an elite few. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. In a plutocracy, there is a wide gap between the rich and the poor. He’s spent the last several years trying to convince people that America is losing its status as a democracy and sliding into plutocracy instead. Moyers, on the other hand, sees this as a cover-story for a more sinister power-grab (see section VI for more on this controversy). Some people argue that this is justified because you worked hard for your money and your children deserve to have power and influence as a consequence of what you did.

. A Democracy provides every legal citizen of a certain age with the free and equal right to participate in a system of government that elects representatives of the people by the majority of the people, who promise to do the will of the people. He also has a secret identity as Lord Business, an evil tyrant and villain who wants to control the entire world. How close is the link between capitalism and plutocracy? Few people openly support having an oligarchy.

There is a political belief called the ‘iron law of oligarchy’, which says that no matter what kind of government a country may have, it ultimately turns into an oligarchy. Plutocracy vs. Oligarchy. Who are the plutocrats? These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. When such a type of government is established, the positive attributes of the previous government are retained whereas, the negative attributes are changed.

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