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Issues regarding the nature of Jesus, Trinitarianism, salvation, the authority of apostolic succession, eschatology, conciliarity, and papal primacy among others may separate one denomination from another. [78] As a result of the two movements, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal was established. As of 2015, churches of the movement had an estimated 12 million adherents. The Anabaptists trace their origins to the Radical Reformation. 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This page was last changed on 16 September 2019, at 19:37. Syncretic Orthodox churches blend with other denominations outside of Eastern Orthodoxy and are not in communion with the main body of Eastern nor Oriental Orthodoxies. Often there is considerable disagreement between various groups about whether others should be labeled with pejorative terms such as "cult", or about whether this or that group enjoys some measure of respectability. Calvinists differ from Lutherans on the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, theories of worship, and the use of God's law for believers, among other things. Some denominations were started by intentionally dividing themselves from the Roman Catholic Church, such as in the case of the English Reformation while others, such as with Luther's followers, were excommunicated after attempting reform. The relation of these movements to other Christian ideas can be remote. [16] There are also other theories on the origin of Christianity.[17]. Some bodies included on this list do not consider themselves denominations. Explanations of different opinions concerning their status as Christian denominations can be found at their respective articles. However, as a general rule, the larger a group becomes, the more acceptance and legitimacy it gains. Calvinism, also known as the Reformed tradition or Reformed Protestantism is a movement which broke from the Catholic Church in the 16th century. [12] Today, many of the Shia sects are extinct. Many civic events include religious portions led by representatives from several religious denominations to be as inclusive or representational as possible of the expected population or audience. [50], The majority of contemporary Protestants are members of Adventism, Anglicanism, the Baptist churches, Calvinism (Reformed Protestantism), Lutheranism, Methodism and Pentecostalism. Some sects, known as the "Prairie Saints", broke away because they did not recognize Brigham Young as the head of the church, and did not follow him West in the mid-1800s. As ecumenism progresses, unions between various Protestants are becoming more and more common, resulting in a growing number of united and uniting churches. [1] These "denominational families" are often imprecisely also called denominations. Parachurch organizations are Christian faith-based organizations that work outside and across denominations to engage in social welfare and evangelism. Many such groups originated from schisms of these larger denominations, and they claim to have preserved the historical episcopate or apostolic succession, though such claims are frequently disputed or rejected outright by the historic churches of Rome, Constantinople, the Old Catholic Union of Utrecht, and Canterbury.[84][7]. Following the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement, William Miller preached the end of the world and the second coming of Christ in 1843/44. [76], The Catholic Apostolic churches were born out of the 1830s revival started in London by the teachings of Edward Irving, and out of the resultant Catholic Apostolic Church movement. There are numerous churches following the Anglican tradition that are not in full communion with the Anglican Communion. [23][24], Identifiable religious subgroup with a common structure and doctrine, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (. Other sects broke away over the abandonment of practicing plural marriage after the 1890 Manifesto. [12][13] Such subtleties and complexities are not clearly depicted here. The major denominations include Shaivism, Shaktism, Vaishnavism, Smartism, and Halumatha. A Christian movement is a theological, political, or philosophical interpretation of Christianity that is not necessarily represented by a specific church, sect, or denomination. Other churches that are viewed by non-adherents as denominational are highly decentralized and do not have any formal denominational structure, authority, or record-keeping beyond the local congregation; several groups within the Restoration movement and congregational churches fall into this category. [68] There were approximately 2.1 million Anabaptists as of 2015. Christian denominations since the 20th century have often involved themselves in ecumenism. They uphold that in order for a person to be saved one has to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior for the forgiveness of sins; and to receive Christ one must be "born again" (dagem meweled). There are approximately 2 million Protestant Eastern Christians as of 2020. True Orthodoxy, or Genuine Orthodoxy, is a movement of Eastern Orthodox churches that separated from the mainstream Eastern Orthodox Church over issues of ecumenism and Calendar reform since the 1920s.[85]. They represent some of the largest growing movements in Protestant Christianity. Some bodies included on this list do not consider themselves denominations. Individual bodies, however, may use alternative terms to describe themselves, such as church, convention, communion, assembly, house, union, network, or sometimes fellowship. Only those Christian denominations, ideologies and organizations with Wikipedia articles will be listed in order to ensure that all entries on this list are notable and verifiable.

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