ruger blackhawk 41 mag recoil

For some reason unknown to me, the cylinders of intervening New Model Blackhawks did not line up with the loading chute when you heard that click.

Very accurate. At the time .44 and .357 Blackhawks in less desirable condition were selling for at least $100 more. Some might argue the .41 goes off the recoil chart if it’s fired from the newest, compact “trail” guns which appeared on the market in the last few decades, and the .41 doesn’t have a non-magnum alternative load like the .357/.38. LJ Bonham is a semi-subsistence hunter, hunting magazine editor, and firearms enthusiast who lives in the Rocky Mountains. I've had mine for about three weeks as I write this, and I've been "playing" with it every day since it arrived. was introduced. and .44 Mag. This makes it easy for hunters to attach a scope if they want to stretch this revolver’s range. is a terrific cartridge in its own right that lives up to its designers' promises.

The era of magnum revolver cartridges began in the mid 1930s with the arrival of the .357 Mag. (dual purpose), Federal 210 grain Power-Shok HP: 1230 fps., 705 ft-lbs.

jacketed hollow point listed as a self-defense option.

Love my 5.5" s/s Bisley & can't wait for my new Bisley SBH Hunter to arrive.

With standard bullet weights ranging from 170 to 220-gr., it's capable of producing performance results on par with the .44 Mag., it generates less felt recoil and the bullets fly with a flatter trajectory. Running Henry lever-actions, be it a rimfire or revolver-caliber configuration, is a treat that I look forward to. (0.12 inch longer by our measurements.) I'm not a Hunter but have been involved with firearms since the age of ten ; my very 1st firearm was a Marlin mod.

loaded with standard velocity ammunition which included 158-gr. I was pleased with the S&W Model 58, the Model 57, the Thompson-Center "Contender" with 14-inch heavy barrel and the Ruger Blackhawk. The Smith & Wesson N-frame revolvers were heavier and bulkier than the popular medium K/L frames. when they could accomplish what they wanted with the guns and ammunition they already had. Winchester, for example, offers a 175 grain Silvertip at 1250 fps which has much less recoil than the standard 210 grain load at the same velocity. (dual purpose/practice), Grizzly 265 grain lead flat-nose: 1400 fps., 1153 ft-lbs.

You might need it to hold your attacker or push them away from you. The action was the New Model Blackhawk action, complete with transfer-bar firing mechanism, but with a couple new twists. The primary reason it didn't catch on was the increase in felt recoil. Today, all too many people own a .44 for its cache’, not what it can actually do for them, and they can’t shoot it well either. Hand-loaders have known for decades the .41 will keep pace with the .44.

The goal was to provide better terminal performance than the .357 Mag.

The original .357 Magnum Blackhawk, introduced by Ruger in 1955, was built on a smaller frame than the New Model Blackhawks, which appeared on the scene in 1973. .357 Magnum fans had lighter revolvers to choose from and the advantage they could fire milder, less expensive .38 specials in their guns for practice. My 41 wears a Hogue monogrip, not pretty, but it absorbs recoil like crazy.

Using the excuse of commercial availability to steer away from the .41 magnum is ridiculous. Ruger 10/22 Competition Rifle at 300 Yards, Rock River Arms LAR-15M .450 Bushmaster - Reviewed & Tested, Winchester .350 Legend Rifles and Ammo Available Right Now, Springfield Armory M1A Tanker .308 Review, Husqvarna AB. Mag. better. Federal 210 grain Swift A-Frame HP: 1270 fps., 752 ft-lbs.

Yes, they are far more powerful than even the hottest .41, but their focus is … For this review, I will focus on new production guns I could buy today if I wanted to adopt the cartridge. hard cast lead ball.

This exciting new gun and ammunition combination turned out to be a flop with police agencies. (hunting), HSM 230 grain lead semi-wadcutter: 1233 fps., 777 ft-lbs. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. Based on what I saw in print it was easy to understand why it developed and maintained a loyal following. HSM offers three different rounds including a bear load, a hunting load and a reduced velocity cowboy-action shooting load topped with a hard-cast 210-gr.
Chambered in this caliber, the adjustable sight standard Blackhawk is an ideal field and trail gun. We ping steel with a .300 WinMag at over a mile. police revolver cartridge dubbed the .41 Rem. was on life support, with only a small cadre of devoted hand loaders ordering just enough brass and bullets each year to keep this cartridge from fading away completely. I enjoy standing behind beefy wheelguns and making some noise. Mag. While less experienced shooters, or those who are recoil sensitive, may find the .41 Mag. For all its current popularity, the .44 Magnum languished in the marketplace for over a decade after its introduction for the simple reason it generates so much recoil. aved one in .41, now's your chance. Smith and Wesson also let Keith down when they refused to chamber their medium-sized K-Frame revolvers for the round and instead introduced the large, N-Frame Model 57 with a six or eight-inch barrel and adjustable sights. hollow points to a heavyweight 265-gr. bullets at between 1150 to 1500 fps. in quite some time. The first factory cartridges out the door were pushing 210-gr. So, I decided to test drive the round for myself and learn more about the guns and ammunition options that are available today. The other truth is the terminal effect on either an animal or human doesn’t change much between those two numbers. Tom Beckstrand and Neal Emery of Hornady highlight the 6MM Creedmoor ammo.

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In a compact .41 Magnum revolver, it slaps the shooter the same as a .357 in a medium-frame, and still generates almost 100 ft-lbs. Platinum Tip hollow point. It’s accurate, enjoyable to shoot and provides a level of performance that will take a variety of game animals without excessive recoil. Having fired Henrys chambered in .357 Mag. The revolver would be used for hunting, and maybe some woods carry. While Smith & Wesson currently offers a blued 6" barrel Model 57 as part of its Classic Series, Ruger is the company that offers the largest selection of revolvers these days.

If so many shooters didn’t want the .41, why is it the best revolver cartridge ever made? Match bullet. With this failure to capture the spotlight in the mainstream shooting market when it was launched, how has the .41-cal. The .41 allows quicker, more accurate follow up shots either one or two-handed than the .44 ever will. And at the time, there were no reduced power loads to practice with (later on folks would develop the .41 Special as a wildcat round). Although it's not shown in the photos, this rifle's receiver is drilled and tapped to accept Henry's 2nd generation Big Boy scope mount. But many of these offerings have either fallen out of production or have been limited to small, special edition runs. Few law enforcement agencies wanted the big, heavy revolver and its high-powered ammunition. Then in 2006 Ruger brought out a Flattop Blackhawk in .44 Magnum to commemorate 50 years of building .44 Magnum revolvers. This difference in felt recoil caused the .41 Mag. Although I won’t be selling off my other big-bore guns any time soon, I’m glad I took the time to get to know the .41 Mag. When the action lock was engaged by a key, the hammer couldn't be fully cocked and the transfer bar did not lift into firing position. Three of my favorite aspects of Ruger's rugged Blackhawk have finally been put together in one revolver. I certainly have no complaints with that kind of accuracy. To test drive the factory-loaded .41 Mag., I opted to work with the 4.62" barrel Blackhawk and the 7.50" barrel Super Blackhawk Hunter. As it turned out, the guns fed, fired and ejected all the test ammunition without any malfunctions.

What holds true for the .44 Magnum, is even more so when the newer super-magnums are considered. Remington keeps one load in stock too, the High Terminal Performance (HTP) 210-gr. hovered in between those other two calibers, which is to say, an all-day level of shooting comfort. I have a ruger blackhawk in 41 mag with a 6.5 inch barrel.

This is more important than many people think.
Buffalo Bore keeps four hard hitting hunting loads in stock with bullets ranging from 170-gr. While a two-handed hold is the modern, preferred method, many times it is necessary to shoot one-handed. When standard factory ammo is considered, the .41 delivers 25 percent more energy than the .357 Magnum with a wider, heavier bullet. and .44 Mag.

It is true the .44 Remington Magnum produces more energy than the .41 if standard factory loads are compared (800 ft-lbs.

I can safely say that the modest levels of felt recoil produced by the .41 Mag. The heavy rib along the top of the barrel features Ruger's integral scope mount which accepts a set of 1” rings that are included with the gun.

Eight years later, Elmer Keith teamed up with Bill Jordan and others to introduce a brand new, best-of-both-worlds .41-cal.

If your plans include casual plinking with the .41 Mag., you'll need to break out the reloading equipment in order to keep the costs down.

semi-wadcutter that flies along at 969 fps.

soft point. A bold statement given there are so many other good, useful revolver rounds out there. XPB hollow point.

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