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We will then conclude with a set of questions that can help you to think through your problems more critically and realistically. 639 0 obj <>stream Boost Your Brainstorming with the 6 Thinking Hats Method, How to Solve Problems Using the 6 Thinking Hats, How to Eliminate Fear to Achieve Your Goals.

That is when I know you will love me. Bei richtigem Training kann die 6-Hüte-Methode (6 Thinking Hats) sowohl spontan als auch als dokumentierter Prozess im Innovationsmanagement zur Ideenfindung eingesetzt werden. Every thought that it has is focused on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the thinking process. Yes, its nature is dark and gloomy, however, as with everything in life, it has a purpose and plays a critical role in the cycle of life. Every problem contains within itself the seeds of its own solution. They must also avoid bringing to mind hopeful solutions based on hypothetical facts, feelings, and opinions. In exactly the same way, a yellow hat brings forth a positive, welcoming, and radiant energy that breathes life into every idea. An effective problem solver needs a means of processing problems in an open, flexible, and unconstrained way. One issue which I have always faced while reading books is once I cross over the half-mark. The six hats thinking method enables teams to think deeply about problems without offending anyone personally.

ADOPT ME. These types of thinking are about innovation and exploration, not ego and opinion. Additional questions that you formulate by yourself should take into account each of the roles and objectives that are critical to the mindset of a green hat thinker.

1. The Green Hat consistently challenges itself to expand possibilities by searching for unique and different ways of doing things. A comprehensive database of six thinking hats quizzes online, test your knowledge with six thinking hats quiz questions. This hat isn’t interested in beliefs, assumptions or opinions. This is particularly evident when the solutions we have in mind aren’t as clearcut as they seem. And that’s what these IQ Doodles are for. Here is a breakdown of the roles the blue hat typically plays: The primary role of the blue hat is to think about the process of thinking. It makes it safe for them to play out your ideas, and temporarily step out of their No Person behavior. We will then conclude with a set of questions that will encourage you to think through your problems more optimistically and favorably. For example, throw on your creative green hat or positive yellow hat when you’re thinking how to present the vision, throw on your facts and figures white hat when you’re figuring out the business case, throw on your critical black hat when you analyze the project plan. The red hat must, however, avoid rationalizing or trying to justify its feelings. What Exactly is a Self-Concept and How Does it Impact Your Life? A Reaper is a mythical creature who brings death and destruction to the living. Do I have the necessary resources, skills, and support to pull this off?

If it fails to define the problem clearly, then it will waste precious time directing its energies on irrelevant thoughts, activities, and tasks. endstream endobj startxref

What potential solutions exist based on the facts, stats, and data I have collected? By splitting the problems into smaller section, this will no doubt make it easier to tackle the problem in greater detail…. It’s a great idea. Each thinking hat has a unique set of ideas, approaches, and perspectives. Here are some additional links and resources that will help you learn more about this topic: Boost Your Brainstorming with the Six Thinking Hats Method, 6 Thinking Hats: Mind Map & Downloadable Information Sheet, 6 Thinking Hats: A Tool for Strengthening Critical Thinking, How to Build Self-Worth and Start Believing in Yourself Again, How to Overcome Hurt and Start Moving on with Your Life. However, when the red hat is in-tune with their feelings, that is when they truly shine. Using the six thinking hats to solve your life problems can provide you with the insights you need to take an idea from conception to implementation. It must primarily follow its gut instinct. Additional questions that you formulate by yourself should take into account each of the roles and objectives that are critical to the mindset of a red hat thinker. It allocates precise chunks of time to the other hats and to specific topics under discussion.

I introduced it to the general manager of one of the previous companies I worked for. * How should we think about this? The black hat’s primary objective is to expose all the possible flaws and dangers that could derail the goals you are seeking to achieve.

History Quiz On The Landmark Thucydides Book. Its responsibility is rather within the realm of fantasy  — within free-flowing lateral thinking that breaks the boundaries of reality. There are in fact no rules where they’re concerned. It’s only interested in solid concrete information that can be proven and measured. For this very reason, the blue hat’s final role is to manage the implementation of these ideas. This lets everybody get heard as well as really bang on a problem from multiple angles in a teamwork soft of way. The red hat is, however, no shaman or prophet. var $ = ml_jQuery || jQuery; (what are the metaphors or mental models). The first problem is incomplete thinking. Blue. Sharing these grim scenarios helps the other hats put in place suitable contingency plans to overcome likely problems. However, it must do so in a way that minimizes the personal biases and limitations that each hat brings to the table. Improving efficiency and effectiveness of the thinking process. Maxwell is the man. I never thought to split up the varies ways a person can look at a problem and assign it to an individual. Thanks for sharing this tip! In this section, let’s discuss each of the characteristics and attributes that give birth to the Black Thinking Hat. Here is a list of questions that will help you think more effectively about your problems from a black hat’s perspective: What is the drawback to this way of thinking? Keep in mind that this list of questions is only a starting point that will help guide you in the right direction. They can serve to optimize how you work and live in remarkable ways. An effective problem solver needs a means of proactively identifying the pitfalls, dangers, and flaws of possible solutions. We will then conclude with a set of questions that can help you to think through your problems in rational ways. One of my favorites is Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats. Thanks for stopping by. These facts, therefore, take precedence over everything else. 101 of the Greatest Insights for Work and Life, Trends for 2013: The Rise of the Entrepreneur.

However, its use goes well beyond just problem-solving. It will also bring to mind the various resources that you will likely need to accomplish your objective. By using a metaphor, the hat, it’s easy to switch modes of thinking by switching hats. The main idea is to turn destructive arguments into constructive thinking. 618 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<0DC40D9672BFC6F67753BA92C0E9FFC6><3BEA702805EBEF49BD7A865FD3EFE8C6>]/Index[597 43]/Info 596 0 R/Length 105/Prev 722031/Root 598 0 R/Size 640/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream

Instead, it’s always thinking, expanding, analyzing, daydreaming, and manifesting crazy and wacky ideas that sometimes make no logical sense. Moreover, they must have a method for reaching effective logical solutions based on the data they have collected. The Six Thinking Hats, a concept articulated by Edward de Bono, is a powerful tool for brainstorming and innovation.By breaking down thoughts into six “parallel” or “lateral” areas, it allows a spectrum of thought, from gut feeling to data analysis, to be separately discussed. An effective problem solver needs a means of realistically analyzing problems and bringing to light promising ideas that can help inspire effective solutions. Questioning inadequate contingency plans. Additional questions that you formulate by yourself should take into account each of the roles and objectives that are critical to the mindset of a black hat thinker. Do you have a difficult problem that needs to get solved, but just don’t quite know where to begin? However, irrespective of the problems you face, your issues do actually serve a purpose.

Bringing to light possible flaws and dangers. It just needs to be a consistent process where we progressively develop new habits-of-mind through repeated exposure and implementation. * How can we do this? Throughout the problem-solving process, the yellow hat has a set of predefined objectives that it seeks to accomplish. Enter your name and email to get started. In the book, Six Thinking Hats, Edward De Bono presents a framework for organizing and improving thinking. Its key objective is to bring forth a set of logical, but neutral solutions that will help stimulate further thinking and exploration. Emotions, Intuitions and Feelings symbolizes which of the following Hats? How well do you know about it? The blue hat understands that asking the right kinds of questions can generate helpful insights and potential solutions. The black hat’s final objective is to bring to mind inadequate contingency plans that may seem fool-proof on the surface. It’s, of course, particularly important for the other thinking hats to recognize this, as it could unveil certain personal biases, hidden emotions, and reactions that may effectively sabotage the problem-solving process. Is it important that you know and understand this topic? With this in mind, the blue hat plays the role of the timekeeper. hެUo��*�g�W�g'6�4UV:�ѡҭ�����B������s�1:��N/��8?g�?v�L�(����H+�M�#P�v*�T� ��7!

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