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Next morning the team masters would collect the bullocks and drive up Brickfield Hill. Ambrose McGuigan was my 4th great grandfather.This article gave me greater insight into the inheritance debacle, There is only one point that I might dispute. Peter Hanslow’s wife Mary seems to have died in 1839 (649/1839 V1839649 23A). Sue Sacchero, Safety Bay WA. Got a photo on the weekend? In the 18th century its gardens were used as a spa but, by the 1770s, with spas no longer fashionable, it declined into a rowdy location for concerts. All of our main meals are on Two for One offer, and that also includes our delicious Sunday roasts … I was actually trawling the history of the Great Southern, then know as the Farmers Home Hotel a few doors back toward the City. For several days the proprietor of Skinner's Hotel, Murwillumbah, and bar tenders, noticed that the beer was going off fast, and were at a loss as to the cause. The trustees of Joseph Haslow estate advertised a block of land with a 66 feet frontage to George Street and a depth of 130 feet, for sale in September 1890. By making a booking request, you are accepting ourBooking Terms and Conditions. Long before the shrill whistle of the locomotive was dreamed of the “Dog and Duck” had a name as a hostelry second to none in Sydney. By the 1860s the skittle saloon had become an auctioneer’s house, and by the 1870s and 80s was being used as an illegal gambling den. Les Needham hasn't been pulling beer at James-st.'s Victoria Hotel (Perth WA) long, but he's had a lot of laughs from the cosmopolitan custom. [5] Shepparton (Victoria) will have ample beer for the Christmas festivities. We are a nightclub boasting the best in international, interstate and local DJs playing the best party, RNB, Urban and EDM/House tunes across 4 different areas including a rooftop bar and grill. Sue Sacchero,Safety Bay WA, Hi Mick, great site, good material thank you. Thankyou for the history. The Grafton newspaper, the Clarence and Richmond Examiner reported on October 13 1896: IN THE DAYS THAT ARE GONE. I’m descended from Ambrose McGuigan and knew He was licensee of the Dog an Duck. Best ever Late family lunch pre theatre. Partial cause of the drought was that a truckload of beer consigned to Shepparton was wrongly diverted to Wodonga. The old cattle markets and the carriers’ camping ground were nearby and the pub became a favourite watering hole for the teamsters visiting Sydney on business. He considered such an order to be harsh and unjust, and he submitted that the Mayor had no jurisdiction in the matter. The pub was on her last legs, and Roberts was fined £3 in November 1890 for Sunday trading, before he was finally refused a license on March 24 1891 as “the premises were stated to be in a dilapidated condition, and had been condemned”. In fact they extended the building with leaded domes, a music gallery and, outside, a bowling green. Her father Richard was one of the first settlers in Ryde (2nd Fleet). Watching the frightened creatures dive to escape their pursuers constituted the chief joy of the performance. [4], Mrs Elizabeth Hedger, who had been a barmaid, was granted a lease on the tavern and its gardens in 1773, and three years later her son James was promised the lease of all the Bridge House Estate land at St George's Fields on condition that the Dog and Duck itself was repaired. Here it was thought the youth of both sexes met too numerous, and too often for the benefit of their morals, and a strong party was formed to annihilate the place. No worries, Mick. Calgary's original and most authentic English Pub and Restaurant. Every new city improvement at one time meant the disappearance of one or more such landmarks. The jury found a verdict of accidental death. Within 10 minutes’ walk of the Cricket Ground at Lords is the home of the Marylebone Dog and Duck Club, and there a few initiates still play the game to this very day. [5] Within the tavern itself the waters were also used for cold bathing. Copyright © 2020 The Dog and Duck. Hi Mick, I found your site by the reference in this post to The Bunch of Grapes. The place is not connected with the hotel in any way. We are situated in the picturesque village of Shardlow, near Derby and are a traditional styled pub restaurant. One of the policemen hearing that Barrett was a friend of Mr Daley, proprietor of the Dog and Duck Hotel, called on Daley and induced him to hail Barrett out. A medical man was called in after the lapse of one minute, but he found the body bathed in the thick clammy sweat of death, and did not appeal to restoratives, which must have been powerless where vital action had ceased. Some houses were still occupied and the inhabitants lost their belongings and had to flee for their lives. Home › Australian Hotels › The Dog and Duck, Haymarket, Sydney: 1815-1891. 60) in respect of certain buildings situated in George-street, known as Nos. When the lease finally expired, Hedger started demolishing the buildings to reuse the materials elsewhere and in March 1810 a crowd of about one thousand "of the lowest orders" gathered to join in the demolition and remove building materials. Tom arrived in Sydney as a convict in 1810 but eventually made good in the hotel business…he went on to own the Spread Eagle in Harrington Street ( also later known as The Sailor’s Rest, I think) and was the long-time owner of the Cherry Tree Inn on Taverner’s Hill on the Parramatta Road. My great, great, great grandmother Sarah Rickards was granted a licence for it in 1817 and a spirits licence in 1818. hi Mick – thanks for this article – by the way – from our family’s research into the descendants of James Bradley First Fleeter… As long back as sixty six years ago, and for many a long year after, it was nothing more or less than the last or home stage of the Hanslow coaches that formed the medium of travellers’ communication between the metropolis and what was known of the interior-not of the colony alone, be it remarked, but of the continent. He was refused the meal, but given a free beer for his efforts! [17] As a spa it became very popular and was patronised by the gentry. Ambrose certainly did live with Mary Cresswell another convict from the Britannia ,but he did not marry her. All Rights Reserved. Find out more about cookies. The Sydney Morning Herald reported on January 10 1903: The mail coach from Sydney to Parramatta, drawn by four strong hordes, bowled along down Brickfield Hill right merrily to the accompanying notes of the bugle, warning all and sundry that it was bound for ‘Parramatta! Several witnesses were examined, some of whom deposed that the tenoments were in a fairly good condition. Wool wagons, similar to this, were a common sight in front of the Dog and Duck. Also Michael Roche. A long association with the “Dog & Duck”. A man, who was a former inmate of Callen Park Lunatic Asylum, walked into a hotel at Mosman, glared at the barmaid for a few minutes and then jumped over the bar and drew an iron bar from his pocket, smashing 24 bottles of wine and 10 of whisky. The cases contained 60 left-footed rubber shoes. For complete information about the cookies we use, data we collect and how we process them, please check our. The end came for Cullen when he assaulted a bailiff for the Court of Requests after his properties were repossessed. At last the dreaded Otford Tunnel has been closed, and […]. – when the horn first sounded at those doors George-street was a winding bullock-truck as you still see it depicted on old maps, whence the “brickfielders” [dusty winds] in all their pristine vigour swept over the city in dry weather, and when the rain fell, as it sometimes did rain in those days, though it seems to have forgotten the way now, the bullock teams were bogged in the fairway of what is now Sydney’ s main artery of traffic, and it took many bullocks and much objurgation to get them out again. Receive an email alert every time a new story or blog is posted. Like its English forebears, an illustrated ‘sign’ originally hung from the front of the inn, showing a sportsman with rifle in hand, a dog at his heels, and a duck flying overhead. TAG yourself and your friends for your chance to win prizes and drinks! - The Bundaberg Mail and Burnett Advertiser (Qld.) [3][7][23] The site is now used by the Imperial War Museum within Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park. During the 1880s, the City Health Officer and the Nuisance Inspector ordered the demolition of many slum areas – including the Dog and Duck. By the early 1870s, Sydney’s urban population was more than 135,000 people, many of them crowded into unventilated housing with little or no drainage. cigars, smoked them, and then sent in a claim on the ground that they were destroyed by fire." According to arrangement, after the orders had been read out at 10 o’clock a body of 25 police under Inspector Mackay and Detective Keating marched to the vicinity of the den, and took up a position on the side of the street opposite to the Dog and Duck Hotel. Mr. Heydon submitted that the order of the Mayor should not be upheld by the board; he thought that the action of the Mayor was very harsh and arbitrary. Erected early in the thirties, and in close proximity to the old cattle markets and the carriers’ camping ground, the “Dog and Duck” was, in the ante-railway days, the principal resort for farmers and teamsters visiting Sydney on business or pleasure. Late family lunch pre theatre. A man named Samuel Stewart was arrested and charged with being the keeper of a gambling den, and 31 men found with him were taken into custody on a charge of having been found in a place of that description. Feel free to call us on 01332 792224 and we’ll do our best to help. I remember that Dr. Grevil, of Gloucester, sent for that water when his wife was in the same danger; but he lived near Malvern and you live near the Dog and Duck. Collits had a short stay at the Sydney pub, going on to run inns in the central west of NSW. The Empire reported on April 7 1857: AWFULLY SUDDEN DEATH FROM INTEMPERANCE – A coroner’s inquest was held at Peter Hanslow’s, Dog and Duck Inn, George-street South, yesterday, on view of tho body of Daniel Harrald, there and then lying dead. He was charged and thrown into gaol where it appears he eventually lost his mind. I love that he was an Irish rebel. The pub was advertised for a “repairing lease” in February 1831 and Cullen died intestate on August 15 1831 in the Sydney Lunatic Asylum. At Dog and Duck in Summerville, we are committed to satisfying our customers with great food, excellent service, with a comfortable and fun atmosphere. McGuigan, who became a constable in 1810, was rewarded for capturing a runaway convict Jack Smith. Hi Mick. There are two curious things about this record, one is that Ambrose signed with an X even though we know he could read and write and the other he says he is a widower. He cannot feign night and day. [12] Francis Place reported that, as a boy, he had seen "two or three horses at the door of the Dog and Duck in St George's Fields on a summer evening, and people waiting to see the Highwaymen mount ... flashy women come out to take leave of the thieves at dusk and wish them success".[13][14]. Two hotels were closed in yesterday's thirsty sultry afternoon. The saloon was also used a gambling den, according to media reports in 1889. Friday 25 April 1913. He died a wealthy man at the age of 80 in February 1900. David H. Daley was). I knew some of this, but not all. I have a fine history of two entirely separate greater grandfathers who had Sydney pubs/licenses: George Lane English convict ‘The Good Woman’ Campbell Street 1833(although another reference says he bought from Bell in Sussex Street 1832); John Thomas Williams (born New York) ‘London Tavern’ Elizabeth Street 1870’s, and my Irish grand(er)mother’s brother-in-law Hugh Wauhop ‘The True Irishman’ Strawberry Hills 1856-1860.

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