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Marisa Tomei is a great choice for Spader's girlfriend, but she's criminally underutilized in this movie. This film is unique in it's approach towards the serial killer story. Yes it does. Campbell distracts Griffin by saying 'thank you'.

The film was critically panned with Rotten Tomatoes holding a … Set in Chicago, the film is about a retired FBI agent who is stalked and taunted by a serial killer.
The same sick story. My Thoughts: "I liked it. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer. It's a cat and mouse game featuring a relationship between the killer and the detective, somewhat like Eastwood's Bloodwork or the Danny Glover-Dennis Quaid thriller, Switchback. The story is set up to create a taut cat-and-mouse game between Griffin and FBI agent Joel Campbell. Campbell rescues Beilman and gets them both to safety as the warehouse explodes, killing Griffin.

The Watcher ou Regard dangereux au Québec est un thriller américain réalisé par Joe Charbanic sorti le 8 novembre 2000 ... 8 septembre 2000 / France : 8 novembre 2000; Distribution James Spader (V. F. : ... Rotten Tomatoes; Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée,,_2000)&oldid=173645994, Article avec une section vide ou incomplète, Page pointant vers des bases relatives à l'audiovisuel, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence, Production : Patrick D. Choi (exécutif), Christopher Eberts, David Elliot, Studio distributeur : Universal Pictures (USA) / Capitol Films (France). The September 15-17, 2000 weekend had one of the worst box offices since the 1980s. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Good rental.". This certainly isn't an outstanding film, but the 10% average doesn't do it justice either. They corner and almost catch Griffin, but he manages to once again kill the woman and escape.

Campbell learns that a woman who lived in his apartment building has been murdered.

Reeves reached an agreement with distributor Universal Pictures in which he would not disclose what had happened until 12 months after the film's US release; in return, Universal agreed to downplay Reeves' involvement in marketing, and Universal asked the film's producers to enhanced Reeves' profit participation (which led Reeves to ultimately receive an additional $2 million).

| Rating: 2/5 11%. Campbell attends therapy sessions with Dr. Polly Beilman, but otherwise has no friends or social life.

| Rating: 1.5/5

The film has an IMDb rating of 5.3/ 10 and 11% score on Rotten Tomatoes. It seems like I've seen hundreds of these. Yeah yeah, dramatic tension if you can suspend your disbelief significantly. A man who lurks in the shadows and watches you and admires you like a cat before he kills a mouse Keanu's serial killer was ingenious in his planning and his methods were very smart and clean but what lacked here was the fact that none of his victim's had an adverse affect on the story, that was the only let down but besides that it was interesting to watch him work. [6] Keanu Reeves earned a Razzie Award nomination as Worst Supporting Actor for his performance, where he lost the award to Barry Pepper for Battlefield Earth. "The Watcher" is an exciting psychological thriller that takes a unique look into the minds of both a serial killer and the man who must, reluctantly, pursue him.

Reeves isn't capable of emotional depth, but he portrays enthusiasm convincingly here. | Rating: 2/5 The film opened at the top spot of the North American box office making $9,062,295 USD in its opening weekend.

Basically this film flat out rocks. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. |, December 29, 2010 and the Terms and Policies,

Does it draw you in?,,, "Movie Ticket Sales Fall to Historic Low",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 16:27. There's a perfectly acceptable junk food thriller ready to be enjoyed, one doofy, borderline amateurish scene at a time. Rentals are not eligible.

Get the freshest reviews, news, and more delivered right to your inbox! The movie is never slow, and it keeps you interested all the way through. Dull Keanu in a dull film. Cinemark The percentage of Approved Tomatometer Critics who have given this movie a positive review. On those points, it succeeds. Sign up here.

Eligible if purchased. | Rating: 2/4, April 17, 2001

Since the plot is so derivative or unoriginal that it is negligible, the film depends on its big budget and performances. The Watcher is a 2000 American thriller film directed by Joe Charbanic and starring James Spader, Marisa Tomei and Keanu Reeves.
They won't be able to see your review if you only submit your rating.

| Rating: 2/4 Even the small touches seem stale. All Critics (91) Coming Soon. Universal Pictures, The air remained pure.

He's such a good actor he makes anything he's in better.

|, September 21, 2020 | Rating: 1/5 But it's up to Campbell to try to save them first. The breeze, like the man, remained cool.

No one is still talking about "The Watcher."

We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future. It's just you see so many movies about serial killers they all start looking the same.

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turns in a rather impressive performance as David Alan Griffin a man who lives to kill, a man who thrives on taking away another' s life. To motivate Campbell to rejoin the cat-and-mouse chase, the killer sends photos of his next victims. The most fun you can have with this insultingly formulaic and utterly predictable film is trying to guess which clich will be next.

Director Joe Charbanic is saddled with an emotionally empty script by David Elliot and Clay Ayers, which matches Reeves's emotionally empty performance quite nicely.

all in all she was the main weak point in this film not Keanu. |. The Watcher isn't that hard to watch, but you could find better things to do with your eyes.

This film embodies a certain flare and style that you have to be open minded and somewhat of a serial Killer thriller lover to really appreciate this film style and grandeur of it to see the murky and dark brilliance that lays beneath it all. The Circus: Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth, J.R. 'Bob' Dobbs & The Church of the SubGenius, Fall TV First Look: Find Out What’s Coming, The Best Peacock Original Shows and Movies, All Upcoming Disney Movies: New Disney Live-Action, Animation, Pixar, Marvel, and More. she really made it almost a drag to see her on screen (but hey at least she's nice to look at.) Director: Joe Charbanic, Jeff Jensen

Filmen handler om en traumatisert FBI-agent som flytter fra Los Angeles til Chicago etter en mislykket jakt på en seriemorder. Mackie, and comes to the conclusion that the same serial killer has arrived in Chicago.

Your Ticket Confirmation # is located under the header in your email that reads "Your Ticket Reservation Details". That's what saves Spader and that's what makes it fun to watch him work. The Watcher ou Regard dangereux au Québec est un thriller américain réalisé par Joe Charbanic sorti le 8 novembre 2000.

Etter en tid flytter seriemorderen etter og gjenopptar sin dødbringende aktivitet. The Watcher is a 2000 American thriller film directed by Joe Charbanic and starring James Spader, Marisa Tomei and Keanu Reeves.

During the drive, Griffin explains that he considers Campbell a "good friend", and that the two of them need each other.

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