uv transparent glass

Please contact us for FDA Device Master File (MAF) and Drug Master File (DMF) information. The glasses were produced by fusing the following low-iron raw materials: SiO2 as sand (low in Fe2 O3 ; trade name Sipur), B2 O3 as boric acid; Al2 O3 as Al(OH)3 ; LiO2, K2 O, CaO and BaO as carbonate and NaCl; F- as Na2 SiF6 ; NaCl was used as refining agent and sugar as reducing agent. Fused quartz also features virtually the same chemical strength as Fused Silica. Ultraviolette Strahlung tritt in drei verschiedenen Bereichen auf, die sich anhand ihrer Wellenlänge unterscheiden und verschiedene Auswirkungen auf Mensch und alles Leben haben. The following preferred specific embodiments are, therefore, to be construed as merely illustrative, and not limitative of the remainder of the disclosure in any way whatsoever. Fortunately, Polyplastics and TOPAS Advanced Polymers provide a line of glass-clear, medical grade plastics with high UV transmission so that tests utilizing UVA, UVB, and with the right grade, even UVC down to 220nm can be carried out with confidence. Durch diese Gläser gelangen noch 0,02 % des UVB- und zum Teil bis zu 60% Prozent des UVA-Bereichs. Besonders Eumelanin sorgt für eine tiefbraune Farbe. TOPAS® cyclic olefin copolymer, or COC, is an incredibly pure polymer - in fact, it's purer than most grades of medical glass.

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The hydrolytic resistance H is determined according to DIN 12 111 in μg of Na2 O per g of glass. Auch die Nordseite Ihres Hauses wird von UV-Strahlen getroffen, da diese stark gestreut werden.

Most grades of TOPAS COC also offer broad compliance with global food packaging regulations.

The perfume flacon is usually just as special as the fragrance itself. Jinzhou City Success Quartz Glass Factory. This is a specific "read-only semiconductor storage device". With an Al2 O3 content below 4% by weight, the glass becomes milky.

UVC-Strahlen stellen dabei die kurzwelligste, energiereichste und somit gefährlichste Form dar, werden jedoch von der Ozonschicht abgefangen, bevor sie die Erdoberfläche erreichen. As the glass-ceramic seal cools, the ceramic housing shrinks onto the glass windows, seals the interior space in a gastight manner and places the glass under compressive stress. Without further elaboration, it is believed that one skilled in the art can, using the preceding description, utilize the present invention to its fullest extent. However, other refining agents are also possible, including, e.g., all the alkali metal halides and all the alkaline earth metal halides, especially the chlorides and fluorides, e.g., potassium chloride, barium fluoride, calcium fluoride, etc. |

Synthetic fused silica provides good transmission from the deep UV wavelength of 180nm upwards and can be readily supplied in a number of forms. Large laser elements made from transparent ceramics can be produced at a relatively low cost. - It offers better UV-transparency than most other glass types and the same crystal clear appearance as optical grade quartz glass. Man unterscheidet UVA-, UVB- und UVC-Strahlen (man findet ebenso die Schreibweise UV-A, UV-B oder UV-C). Light weight is another advantage of COC, of course, as is the ability to create more sophisticated and complex designs than glass or other polymers. This makes TOPAS COC the best solution for a growing list of diagnostic, microfluidic, and point-of-care products. | Healthcare environments can be challenging to ordinary plastics. And when it comes to maintaining purity, TOPAS medical grade plastics can be sterilized via all common methods. By carefully using this wavelength, which is emitted by mercury lamps, water and air can be sterilized. The risk of breakage, which can result in device failure and product loss, is greatly reduced when using a medical grade plastic rather than glass.

11th Jan, 2013. Lassen Sie sich nicht mehr von zu viel Sonne oder dem hellen Mond stören. In particular, the new glass can be used both for EP-ROM windows and for UV lamps.

In applications employing reagents, solvents, and advanced chemistry, accuracy and shelf life are extended with TOPAS COC UV transparent plastics.

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