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Los mitos y leyendas de la region, en una produccion muy cuidada en lo visual. In spite of this, Khoma tries to escape, but makes a wrong turn and winds up in the hands of the rich man's men, and is returned to the farm. As soon as Khoma walks in, several cats scurry across the floor at his feet. Khoma meets with the rich man, trying to explain what happened in the chapel and begging to be allowed to leave, but the rich man threatens him with a thousand lashes if he refuse—and a thousand pieces of gold if he succeeds. Folk horror desde rusia, la primer pelicula del genero producida en ese pais. He draws the sacred circle again and begins the prayers. As a massive fan of "The Witch" and folk-horror in general, I HAD to watch this as soon as I had heard about it. Naturalmente, cuando hablamos de escalas, no nos referimos a construcciones explícitas. Mentions-The witch is really pretty with perfect eyeliner and a flower crown.. There is even some wild, fantastic imagery going on in this mostly pretty subdued movie. Viy is certainly an interesting film. The vehicle was designed to be mechanically modern, while its outside appearance was that of a piece of transport from the 18th century.

Even a very 'well, that was fun, back to life' (or death, depending) ending where the villagers discuss what really happened...but no one knows. De Beauplan was a prototype of the film's main character—Jonathan Green.[1].

Getting lost, wandering home whilst on leave from his seminary, novice monk Khoma stays in the barn of an old woman.

‘Вий’ Later that night the old lady tries to seduce the young monk but he turns her away, she then puts a spell on him and rides him around the night sky until he wakes up and realizes she's a witch then beats her to till she's within an inch of her life. | it puts a smile on my face to see that shit, and knowing it came out of the 60s just somehow makes it even better to me. What starts out looking like a wild stoner comedy set in the picturesque countryside of Russia soon turns into a tragedy about a frightened man struggling with his fate while a witch mocks him from beyond the grave. A curse upon you! visually very pleasing to me (something about soviet films...), the vibrant colours and flat-ish sets and exaggerated acting gave me the feeling (at some parts more than others) that i was watching a play rather than a movie, but it suits the subject matter and the film's framing as a narrative retelling of a folk tale pretty well. I am always looking for obscure, weird movies to watch. The story of a young seminary student/philosopher who makes the mortal mistake of killing a witch at the beginning of the film and as retribution by that witch (who transforms into a beautiful young girl), is forced to pray over the body alone for three nights. Another recommendation from Chris Kirby, but this doesn’t soar to the heights of Luz. [citation needed] The 1990 Serbian version of the film, called A Holy Place, ran on the Fantasia Festival 2010.

| it puts a smile on my face to see that shit, and knowing it came out of the 60s just somehow makes it even better to me. I had no clue what was coming, and truth be told I watched those final ten or so minutes about five times in a row.

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