watershed protection organizations

water quality maintenance and environmental analysis.

This document provides a brief discussion of technical tools and approaches for developing strong biological assessment programs and presents examples of successful application of those tools.

It also allows citizens to access and use the city's information resources on their own. This is achieved by providing science-based resources, including developing regional flow-ecology relationships, hydrologic classification of streams and rivers, compilation of baseline information on hydrologic and ecologic conditions, assessment of flow alteration, and implementation of flow conservation actions in high priority areas. County-specific GIS data and statewide models, including Virginia’s Natural Landscape Assessment, Watershed Integrity, Forest Economics and Agricultural Resources models were used develop natural resource and watershed health maps and green infrastructure policy ideas for the county’s consideration. In 2008, The Trust for Public Land, in partnership with Deschutes Land Trust, city administrators and local Parks and Recreation departments throughout the county created a GreenPrint for Deschutes County. The Guide also promotes sustainable water resource management strategies. Lake Erie Watershed Protection Alliance. A big thank you to SunCommon and Steve Ribolini of RiverStation, LLC for working with us to reduce our environmental footprint and bring solar power to 535 Stone Cutters Way! It is a coarse-scale decision-support tool that provides information for regional, county and watershed-based planning.

Green Infrastructure Planning in Virginia The Green Infrastructure Center conducted ten field tests of green infrastructure planning across the state in a diverse set of ecoregions and different development patterns (urban, suburban and rural) to create a framework for green infrastructure mapping and assessment that can be used statewide and across the region. Kansas Heritage Streams: Identification and Protection of Healthy Watersheds (PDF) (2013) (163 pp, 6.4MB) This report outlines the approach used by Kansas state agencies to characterize the landscape features, biological, surface water chemistry and streamflow conditions for six heritage streams. You may need a PDF reader to view some of the files on this page. Vermont Guide to River Corridor Easements (PDF)(31 pp, 777 KB) The Guide to River Corridor Easements includes deeded land use and channel management restrictions for protecting certain reaches of river. Conservation in America: State Government Incentives for Habitat Conservation (PDF) (108 pp, 264 K) The Defenders of Wildlife produced this report to document state-level incentive programs for aquatic and terrestrial habitat conservation. Why We Need to Protect Our Watersheds Ohio’s Statewide Biological and Water Quality Monitoring and Assessment To assess the attainment and appropriateness of the water quality designations assigned to its streams and rivers, Ohio EPA monitors water chemistry and fish and macroinvertebrate assemblages in all of its streams and rivers on a rotating basis.

They recognize that protecting watersheds starts with healthy landscape management, and they work with both governmental and private entities to ensure that contaminants are never allowed in our watersheds in the first place. These and similar approaches and tools have been applied across parts of five continents including the vast majority of the United States. Water Filter Pitcher vs Faucet Filters: Which to Choose?

Stone Environmental was named one of the 2019 Best Places to Work in Vermont by the Vermont Business Magazine, the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, the Vermont Department of Economic Development, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) –– Vermont State Council, and Best Companies Group. Biological data are valuable for classifying Outstanding Resource Waters (ORW) and High Quality Waters (HQW). Landowners possessing property along these rivers are allowed reasonable development rights only to the extent that these rights do not infringe upon the ability of current and future generations to enjoy the rivers’ resources. The final report assesses available data, tools and approaches that can be used to establish ecologically-based instream flow protections in Minnesota. Landscope The National Geographic Society and NatureServe have created this website to inspire and promote place-based conservation through interactive maps and tools for exploring natural resource issues across the United States. Environmental corridors refer to an interconnected green space network of natural areas and features, public lands, and other open spaces that provide natural resource value. David Slone runs the TapIt Water blog. The report also identifies specific barriers and solutions to the effective implementation of smart growth for clean water programs. Natural Connections: Green Infrastructure in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana This website provides maps and GIS data layers for users to make their own explorations of Green Infrastructure in the 4-county region. The River Management Program envisions a time when the protection and wise management of river corridors will diminish the need for river restoration projects. The regulations are designed to prevent soil erosion along creek banks, prevent sedimentation from entering the creeks, preserve and enhance vegetation along the creeks, and ensure adequate setbacks for buildings, structures and septic systems. The map prioritizes green infrastructure assets at the landscape scale for Ulster County to use in targeting conservation and restoration efforts. The Center for Watershed Protection works to protect, restore and enhance our streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands and bays. 7.1 Get Involved; 7.2 Related Environmental Protection Agency; 6 5. What this means, of course, is that fresh water is our most precious natural resource. It identifies trends and opportunities to help state and provincial fish and wildlife management agencies participate in flow management activities. What’s worse, many water conservation projects are being discontinued, such as the watershed resource program of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Through this community-based process, TPL helps define priorities for new parks and land conservation, identify lands to be protected and plan networks of conserved land that meet public need. New York's Geographic Information Gateway, co-developed by Stone and NYDOS's Office of Planning and Development, has a new look, upgraded functionality and interface, and updated social media presence. Stone Environmental, a national leader in GIS-based spatial analysis and web application development, is excited to announce the promotion of Barbara Patterson to Service Line Lead of Stone’s Geospatial & Data Solutions team. Virginia Healthy Waters Program Virginia's Healthy Waters program is an effort to maintain ecological balance and broaden conservation efforts to include critical healthy natural resources before they are compromised. Smart Growth for Clean Water: Helping Communities Address the Water Quality Impacts of Sprawl (PDF) This Smart Growth for Clean Water report identifies five smart growth approaches that can improve water quality: land conservation, waterfront brownfields revitalization, urban and community forestry, low impact development and watershed management. The strength of these organizations lies in their ability to draw on close ties with local landowners, businesses, and municipal officials to move projects effectively and efficiently to implementation. We are thrilled to show off our new solar panels, expertly installed by our friends at SunCommon!

Also a TMDL update and funding/public participation opportunities. Community input was solicited through interviews, meetings with county staff to solicit their input and review, and a public meeting. The transfer of channel management rights is a notable aspect of this easement, offering a unique tool for restoring watersheds and reducing hazards by protecting natural river processes at key locations. Sustainable Watershed Management: Priorities for Action (PDF) (3 pp, 915 K) This Massachusetts action plan identifies threats to ecosystem integrity, such as droughts, increased stormwater runoff and habitat fragmentation, and presents opportunities to protect those ecosystem services.

Stone Environmental is excited to announce that Peter Lazorchak, PE, LEED AP has joined the company as a Senior Water Resources Engineer. The application is available through a variety of web-browsers and devices for free use. While this involves a healthy amount of governmental lobbying, they also seek to persuade and inform the average citizen through brochures and regular community outreach.

It provides a real-world implementation example for replication by other localities in New York. The Stream Habitat Program also works to promote stream connectivity through dam removals, installation of fish passages and design of road-stream crossings to minimize stream impacts. A primary objective is to ensure that an adequate amount of water is flowing in rivers and streams throughout the year to protect fish and wildlife. The assessments provide a watershed-scale perspective on the relative importance of small watersheds for the protection and restoration of water resources and habitats that is not generally provided by other available tools.

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