where are presto canners made

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They don’t have to do with canning, whether water-bathing or pressure canning. I plan on next year to get a big hot plate to use outside. 20 May 2016. It’s a Sears-branded cooker-canner and it was made by Presto. "I don't have both the Presto and the All American so this is not a perfect comparison. We're still relative newbies with our 23 Quart Canner at 3 years of using it, we have pretty much worked out the kinks in the process, but we're not without an epic failure every once in a while (i.e.

Remember, it’s a pressure canner, not a steam engine. As of 2020 Presto currently has in production three models of pressure canners: a 16 US quart (litre) and two that are 23 US quart (litre). The company appears to be very dedicated to and knowledgeable about this field. When the vent falls, you know there is no pressure remaining. In hard-water areas the inside of an aluminum canner will darken but this does not impair its usefulness.

The presto canner has never given me a problem and I have never been concerned with it's safety. There is NO possibility of accidentally taking off the lid when pressure is still in the vessel!!!! Check your local Ace Hardware as well! Welcome to Lehman's, For a Simpler Life. 01/CG22, 175001, 175005, 175006, 01751 (18 quart dial gauge), 01755, 01755 (16 quart, dial gauge), 178001, 178005, 178006, 01781 (23 quart dial gauge). I guess this makes the Presto Canner a family heirloom! Email on file. It might also use less energy. The company does not have to register as a mutual fund[6]. Choosing the size of your pressure canner simply depends on how much you want to can. Your email address will not be published. The company was admitted to the New York Stock Exchange on March 3, 1969. The Presto part number is 85772. Healthycanning.com was curious about the prohibition on double-decking jars for water bath canning so we filled the 23-quart canner up with two layers of regular pint (½ litre) jars, and then with water to an inch (2 ½ cm) above the jars, and one reason became clear: the pot would just not be quite tall enough to allow the water to boil without boiling out over the stove. Presto Pressure Canner Gauge Testing Read More…, “The importance of a well-planned canning program cannot be emphasized too strongly. Having previously divested itself of almost all operations and having closed its defense operations in 1992, the company was a small household appliance seller. The first two rows of the table represent the canner when double-stocked with half-pints and pints. Home-produced, home-canned food helps provide better diets with fewer food dollars.”, I'm the author of cooksinfo food encyclopaedia, It works like a dream and if I could marry it, I would.". They were very nice about it and had me send the whole thing, top and all, in for checking. Thank you for that. she's had to replace the gasket, but that's just aging. It has become fashionable in some "Safe Canning Groups" to slag all manuals that come with all pressure canners, and often with good reason.

The hardest thing to do is maintain the pressure with the standard 15 lb.

Check to be sure that hole is clear all the time.

The new ones are very easy to use and DON'T need oiling with anything. Accessed March 2015 at https://www.gopresto.com/information/history.php .

They show up under several brand names. What is the Best Pressure Canner for a Beginner?

This makes sense because it is made with such thick metal. this causes a bad fit.

Presto Pressure Canners are made of high quality aluminum. I get a lot of questions about it from my clients.

While it works well, it just has a weighted rocker on it.

Other pressure canner makers seem to give you these accessories included. )” [6]Presto Pressure Canner and Cooker, 23 quart model, #72-719F. I am Sharon Peterson author of Simply Canning Guide to Safe Home Canning and food preservation teacher at Simply Canning School. Check for lowest price plus shipping, as there are several available, and prices vary widely according to seller. I hope this helped some people. And I do still love it. A 16-quart capacity Presto pressure canner. Or do I just put so much in the bottom of canner ? The 22-quart is actually on 'extended loan' to my daughter right now.

Any help would be most appreciated. However, the Presto pressure canner manual (since at least 2012 onwards) comes in for this disregard unfairly. Compare the two choices so you make the right one. Positive action clamping locks align the cover to the base forming a steam-tight seal.

When she decided to give up canning, it was passed to my daughter-in-law.

Can you mix different jars sizes and pressurize together ? She uses a newer model of Presto Pressure Canner No. I have always like my 2 pressure cookers and my old canner.". This one is tall and will allow you to stack your pints. will process 20 pints or 7 quart jars. If you make a purchase via a link on this site, I may receive a small commission on the transaction - at no added cost to you. Right now I have 2 pressure canners and 2 pressure cookers that are all different sizes and 3 of the 4 are Presto brand.

You might be able to get “in the ball park” with any date that may be in the manual – if you got a manual with yours. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It will need replacing from time to time. Mine has a distinctive steam release nob rather than a dancer on top. hehehe... you wanted more than that. I have done everything according to the instructions. My help and I kept both canners going and canned nearly 50 Quarts of green beans in 1 day!

There is no charge for this assistance for any person with a disability calling from within the United States or Canada. ", "You can buy them off ebay!

I now use it for so much more.

What you will want to do is use the next weight up from what is required.

No sweat! » View Our Store Events - Family Fun Events Every Weekend.

While I came to this website for the answer to a question that still remains unanswered, I am really glad I did find you.

Therefore you cannot build pressure at all. Usually the rubber plug will be one with Presto’s “Automatic Air Vent.” The Automatic Air Vent was, as I understand it, meant to be a sort of built-in timer for exhausting the air from the canner. The date is right on it, and the directions in it are definitely post 1988. Aluminum, either cast or heavy-gauge sheet, is most common.

So, I think this canner was made in the first half of April, 1969. While I’m confident that the Maid of Honor would have been made by Presto for Sears, I don’t know how to begin to date them.

will process 10 pint jars or 7 quart jars. The Presto Pressure canners are one of the big three brands of pressure canners. When the canner came up to pressure (10 lbs) then the pressure regulator remained stationary. home food preservation advice tips and recipes. I've owned it 2 years and so far I've had absolutely no problems. I find the weighted non gauge ones much less worrysome than trying to get to the extension office to get the gauge calibrated every year as recommended. The steam vent (in the center of cooker or on the side where the regulator goes on) can become blocked with minerals, or food particles. One. I've since updated and purchased a [4] The Safety Segment consists of two startups. I do still recommend the All American (read more here). "My Presto Pressure Canner was bought back in the late 70s from a neighbor who had only used it twice. I do can some vegetables but use it more for homemade chicken broth from our own chickens, then chicken soup, and also dark broth(made from deer meat). Or you can look for older canners that are being sold used. I've never had any problems with the canner. Until that happens, those who are doing it informally will want to make absolutely certain they are staggering the jars as much as possible to distribute the weight. The second is OneEvent Technologies, Inc. They should include metric mesurement for us canadians. These canners have lots of reviews and only a very very small percent have any complaints. It comes with a weight to close off the vent, but you check the dial for your pressure requirements. Are there just two of you? The first number is obviously the canner size in quarts, as my 21-Bs have a 21 as their first number, and an extra 16 quart canner bottom I have sitting about the basement, begins with 16. The little rubber air vent (on the outside or under the handle) can leak and fall out-they shrink.I am thinking about a newer model soon.

Required fields are marked *. We need to continue the trend that we all got away from, use our local farmers, eat local, and stop eating out of boxes.". What a great idea!

Presto’s pressure canner manual is considered to contain reliable home canning advice; see here. is to purchase a weighted gauge for your Presto. My customers always used the gaskets way beyond what they were meant to do.The shrinkage will cause it to leak and get the gasket hot. Oh and where did you find the information about Presto approving the use of its canners on glass stove tops? Was just right for us! I am amazed at how much you can process at home without all the additives, canning is a much healthier option than store bought can goods. However, if you use your pressure canner to preserve food, chances are you’ll pay for the cost of the appliance quickly.

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