where was bringing down the house filmed

Pull me up! | The site's consensus reads, "Though the cast shines, they can't save this comedy, which is overly contrived and filled with outdated and offensive racial jokes. Released on March 7, 2003. No, Peter is mortified by Charlene because she’s loud, vulgar, overtly sexual, and communicates via head shaking, shouting, and long strings of nonsensical Ebonics. For Bringing Down The House, it’s pretty much par for the course, and representative of the film’s “Who gives a shit?” attitude toward issues of racial sensitivity. Just as Peter is about to meet with a difficult client, Mrs. Virginia Arness (Joan Plowright), he is ambushed by Charlene, who draws the lustful attention of his friend and colleague Howie Rottman (Eugene Levy).

Stars Steve Martin (Peter Sanderson), Queen Latifah (Charlene Morton), Eugene Levy (Howie Rottman), Joan Plowright (Mrs. Arness), Jean Smart (Kate), Kimberly J. Returning home, Charlene coaches a drunk Peter on winning Kate back, and they are caught in a compromising position by Peter's bigoted neighbor, his boss’ sister. When a lonely guy meets a woman on the internet who happens to be in prison, she breaks out to get him to prove her innocence, and proceeds to wreak havoc on his middle-class life.

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Charlene calls Howie to drive her to the home of Mrs. Arness, who refuses to let Charlene explain herself, leading Charlene and Howie to kidnap Mrs. Arness and her beloved French bulldog. Forgotbusters re-examines movies that were among the top 25 grossing films the year of their release, but have receded culturally, in order to explore what originally attracted audiences to them, and why they failed to endure.

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