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Is watching Freddy Krueger for the first time really even scary? Not cary over from her throat slashing, but her own blood. I literally just finished watching the movie You Were Never Really Here and I have to say, this movie jack-knifed my truck. All of it culminated in a highly tuned marination of awfulness in order to craft his psychopathic tendencies. (The name ‘Nina’ might suggest Eastern European origins.) Almost none of the events in this movie happened outside of Joe’s mind. And there, at the bottom of the lake, Joe changes his mind. But I don’t know. You can also subscribe without commenting. Joe is seemingly oblivious to bleeding nose. No tracker. But we prefer to avoid thinking about all of these unpleasantries. Mainly because so much of what I have to say is from my reflections about this character and film. Just perfection from beginning to end. I know I’ve mentioned it in another review or two, but I’ve considered joining a tech team NGO doing work to use facial recognition to find sexually traffic girls. It answers all of the major questions and is a quick read. with both of them on the hunt for child molesters the world over? A wickedly scary looking straight razor that was covered in blood. He’s restrained with his violence. Join us for our weekly review of movies worth seeing, worth avoiding and our Top 5 lists – and don’t forget to play along at, What a terribly sad loss for the world today - thank you for all the joy you’ve brought to us through your films. The quiet reverie of its intense violence and the justification of said violence? Nina was trying to put the moves on Joe in the car, right after he rescued her the first time. I sort of took it to mean, oh good, I found a green one… oh they are sex trafficking this girl? Agree, with me, disagree – whatever, just think about the film and the deeper alley ways that it carries you through. Good film, a little blurry toward the end. The guy Joe kills in the kitchen said “He wanted out”, which I took to mean the State Senator wanted out of his arrangement with the Governor regarding his daughter. Just utterly and completely ruined me. Georgia Bulldogs Slides, 3) When the Senator doesn’t show up at the motel it is because he has either: a) been killed by the Governor’s men for the reasons above and he has admitted to them about hiring Joe, or; b) has comitted suicide out of guilt. Année de production 2017. Dead. We see a boy shoot another boy over a candy bar. Rankings . The blade is shown next to her and the blood continues to spill on her plate. Have you never seen taxi driver? Take a second to support Taylor Holmes on Patreon! A US Marine. And let’s be clear, John McCleary was thrown off of that hotel building, he didn’t jump. The mafia or governor torment the senator by pimping his daughter. Nina? $50,000. John mcleary is the guy who gives Joe the job. So Joe goes and gets her back. So yeah, his memories are chock full of insanity no mere mortal should be forced to witness. No there’s two great ways to win free tickets! 3. The girl does not want to go home to her father. Yes, Joe encouraged her to stop but the sexual tension was hanging thick and heavy in the air. 8th Infantry Division Hats, The movie revealed its secrets in due time… generally well enough. Or, could it be Joe hallucinating? Trick Daddy And Joy, 4) Joe pulls either a bullet or a broken tooth from his mouth – he does say he has been shot in the face and his cheek wounds support this. He was damaged by a life of violence: abuse by a sadistic father, confusing and senseless deaths in the military, the truck full of women he seemed to be discovering, not having caused. Ah, no. If Nina is the dining room eating the meal with bloody switchblade on the table (before Joe even got inside) how could the guard in the kitchen not know there had already been some kind of altercation between Nina and Williams? Do you think the state senator had been going along with the abuse of his daughter (probably for political gain) and then had a change of heart? 7) Has anyone read the book upon which the film is based? Here’s just one hint; check out that scene at the start when Joe’s mother asks him to”stay” with her. But then he hears Nina counting. Straight up, beyond belief PTSD. But then he found Nina, at the dining room table, calmly eating dinner. Making or even just thinking a sequel is out of sync with the movie. Cleaning up the bathroom after her shower, singing songs with her, etc. One takes Nina, and the other, who was about to kill Joe, ends up dying by letting his guard down even momentarily. ’I’ve been to Paradise’ was an early 70s hit, a pseudo feminist anthem that actually talks about an empty life of being exploited by men. Tfav is Bickle the ’mass murderer’ gains fame as an avenging angel once the world learns of his child saving intentions. I got it for 5 bucks on Amazon and highly recommend it. After the daughter was taken from the pimp house, they killed the senator and worked to find the hitman. Instead of giving up, Joe’s love for Nina takes over and her well-being becomes his number one passion in life. Liked it? And even before we witness his first full job, we learn that he worked with ICE, or some border patrol unit, that was responsible for handling smuggling, and maybe human trafficking? 6) Because of this, Joe feels like he has led his entire life as a loser, or a curse on the people he tries to help. Joe seems to be getting important information about this girl Nina that has gone missing at the time, right? But yeah, I’ve considered the thought of working more actively to save girls from these kinds of tragedies. But when she walks away, he begins to cry and then fantasizes shooting himself. He certainly won’t tell us why! Making the Leap from Intrapreneur to Entrepreneur? Large Fowl Crossword Clue, A former FBI agent and Marine, his abusive childhood has left him damaged beyond repair. The ending suicide scene allows you to see Joe’s thoughts in a visual term. Clearly visible in hardware store scene. The senator wants his daughter back, but doesnt want to explain his guilty affiliation or rat out the governor. All of the upbeat songs in the soundtrack really threw me off! So we get this feeling like, we are alone in this world, and the powerful will play with you however they will. The man crawling on the floor says, “I don’t want it out.” And then, “There is always crying.” When Joe begins to question him, he learns from the injured man that Governor Williams liked Nina, she was his favorite. But he was made to feel so insignificant by his Dad (“Stand up straight! In an amazing way. The emotional reaction to the governor and his slit throat is because Joe has reversed genders in his imagined scenes. I have not ever once felt this way watching a movie. They use too……. The more I think about things, It’s obvious that Joe and Nina became lovers at the end. Really? He was damaged by a life of violence: abuse by a sadistic father, confusing and senseless deaths in the military, the truck full of women he seemed to be discovering, not having caused. The issue was that he took money and help to get elected from the mob, and part of the deal is that they got to keep his daughter for a year. And he is all manner of tormented. They’ve seen the weakest of these be abused, squandered, and cased aside. But, strangely? Oh, yes, I have. Incredible scene when Joe realizes Governor already dead. If anything, it caused more melancholy because you as the viewer feel for Joe and Nina as children who each lost their chance to have happy-go-lives. In Our Small Way, And could a child really kill four men, three of them armed and trained? He is methodical. Think about it… if Joe hadn’t taken it upon himself to lay waste on behalf of the lost, who would have? Spend time on the periphery of a war zone. (You can unsubscribe anytime). No worries. His previous cut out that he used for communicating. So maybe she was neither man’s daughter? This movie is definitely a testament to there being no need to explain everything to the audience. (The song they sang? Cleethorpes Pronunciation, Uhsr Login, The 2020 Lake County Film Festival November 4 – 16Official Selections Opening Night Monuments Closing Night Molto Bella Narrative Features The Blackout Cabarete Death Of A Rockstar Feelings To Tell (Gui Qu Lai Xi) Love Is Not Love Molto Bella Monuments Rattled Seven Short Films About (Our) Marriag... New behind the scenes interview with 'The True Adventures of Wolfboy' director, Martin Krejčí! 2. 3. Robert – Wrong. He went to Johns house (as evidenced by the jelly beans). We see his soon to be familiar hammer. His father never left the family but instead died. Have I yet mentioned that his favorite weapon is a ball-peen hammer? And the second big question happened just after this scene. Revenge for the murder of her father. Congratulations, we solved the what. Who knows. It is a mini-poem, an ode really, to all of the lost individuals that had been made to disappear. Scoffing at himself (got there too late; not competent enough to do his job), bawling crying (despondent Nina had to kill the Governor herself), ripping off his clothes, then saying, “I’m WEAK” over and over, w/his Dad’s voice in the background. And for what? But I think the look of the film is intentional – we are seeing the world through Joe’s eyes. Just such a tragic thing. You might want to watch the movie again. No one. We see state governors swallow children whole. His handler is not his psychiatrist but instead a former cop and a private investigator. He seemed to have a code, and also only hurt people who were committing horrifying acts on children. Nina didnt kill all the guards she just killed the governor… Joe killed the guards, the acts just weren’t shown, they were implied. Both were feeling the other out, when Nina said she had to use the bathroom. Haha ironic that you said this movie isn’t confusing as long as you paid attention! Revenge for the sins propagated against her young body. He kills one immediately, and the second one he shoots in the gut. Buy. Also, why he got rid of the mother or pushed her to suicide. I also think the movie suggests the dead senator also abused Nina as the photos of the Senator and Nina subtly suggest that. And eventually figures out that they had been tracked from a tracking beacon in his tooth. His handler says that the next job will be a big one for them. We’re two dudes, and a lady, of which our tastes are quite varied. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. 4. So you get the meaning. Looking for films to check out? As a result, his hallucinates nina returning and saying, “wake up joe, it’s a beautiful day.”. For such a violent movie, it was an oddly (disturbingly) touching moment. Muthoot Institute Of Technology And Science Quora, The comment comes through on my phone, and I say to myself? The reason I bring this up is that when the credit roll started at the end of You Were Never Really Here - which is a couple minutes after the actual end credits start - I was a little surprised to discover that I felt exactly the way I feel coming out of hypnosis. Holy hell not one person so far actually noticed what this movie is about despite the fact that there’s a giveaway it’s in the damn title and the cab driver at the start says it: YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE; i.e. Joachim Phoenix is underrated and lost a lot of his juice when he participated in that year long hoax that turned out to be a pseudo-documentary. But Nina, would have none of it… “Joe, come on, let’s go. Joe wasn’t there in the cab (or most places in the movie, for that matter). Dead. They are more likely to find simple things as they treat their trauma; maybe they even choose to die. When he first saved her, she was counting slowly backwards from 40 to make reality go away. This culminates in his suicidal fantasy in the diner. Joe didn’t go to his handler’s house. So much more impactful that way. Joachim Phoenix is underrated and lost a lot of his juice when he participated in that year long hoax that turned out to be a pseudo-documentary. Tfav is Bickle the ’mass murderer’ gains fame as an avenging angel once the world learns of his child saving intentions. Your email address will not be published. And I literally can’t remember a word I wrote up there.

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